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Extreme Makeover
Pacific Yurts on ABC’s Hit
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

    We have to admit that we hadn’t even seen the ABC show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition when we got a call from producers of the show asking if we would be willing to donate two yurts to a Washington family in need.
    Little did we know that, in less than two seasons, it had become one of ABC’s top-rated shows. After doing a little research on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, we learned it was a reality series of a different color, and one definitely worth supporting.
    In November, we loaded two yurts into a truck and drove to the small Washington community outside Seattle where filming would take place for the episode we were asked to participate in. What a remarkable experience that was.
    Before we go into that, however, here’s a little background on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in case there is anyone out there who isn’t familiar with the show. Given its millions of viewers, there can’t be many who were as uninitiated as we were until a few months ago.
    Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is a reality show airing Sunday nights that is now in its second season. In each episode of the show, a team of designers, contractors and several hundred workers build, or rebuild, a home for a family in need -- in just seven days.
    Families are chosen from thousands of applicants across the U.S. In past episodes, a home was enlarged for a couple expecting triplets and another was rebuilt for eight children who had lost their parents.
    The show’s producers had learned that the mother of one of the families chosen for this season’s series, Roseanne Dore, had always dreamed of building a camping area for Girl Scouts in her backyard, using yurts as the centerpiece. So they called Pacific Yurts after learning our company was the world’s leading yurt manufacturer.
    We happily agreed to donate two yurts and set them up during the show’s filming after researching the show and hearing the Dore family’s story. In March 2004, the Seattle-area home that Roseanne Dore and her deceased husband had built, burned to the ground, leaving Roseanne and her three daughters without a home. Worse, Roseanne’s homeowner’s insurance policy had lapsed when her agent retired.
    The Dores found themselves living in a utility shed in the backyard that had no plumbing or electricity and cooking outdoors on a propane camping barbeque.
    Of course, that all changed for the better -- dramatically, and rapidly -- when Extreme Makeover: Home Edition showed up in November and set about the task of building the family a brand new home – in the course of one week. We had the great pleasure of being on site for the filming of the show, even though it only took us about three hours to install our yurts.
    Before we learned what Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was all about, we were somewhat hesitant to participate in a reality TV show. Frankly, it is not a television genre that had left a great impression on us. But when we started asking others about the show, we were amazed by the universally positive responses we got.
    After our experience, we feel that it was one of the best decisions we’ve made in a long time. At Pacific Yurts we have a strong belief in the concept of community, and as a team we were moved to be part of a community of complete strangers pitching in to help a family in need.
    We were also left in awe of the logistical masterpiece that had to be designed in order to compress into one week, a job that in ordinary circumstances would have taken at least four months. The fortitude and commitment it took to build a house in one week was remarkable, and it was an honor to be a part of that effort.
    When the project was finished, the Dore family was handed the keys to a home valued at several hundred thousand dollars, and of course, two new Pacific Yurts.

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