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Nothing compares to a Pacific Yurt - the difference is in the details
Yurt Interior

As the industry leader, our yurt design has often been imitated but never equaled. That's because we devote so much attention to details. Attention to detail requires a commitment of both time and money, but we know we’re investing in our future and this is reflected in everything we do. Better products mean happier customers, and happier customers mean repeat business and great word-of-mouth advertising.

So we only use the finest materials in our yurts and we engineer them to withstand extreme conditions. Could we get by with less? Other companies do. But at Pacific Yurts, we don't cut corners. When you examine the strength, frame, fabrics, hardware and options on the Pacific Yurt you will see that the difference is in the details.

"It's no wonder you are so successful with both a quality product and superb customer service. Your company is in another league when it comes to good old USA quality and service. Thanks."
- Robert S., Arizona
Yurt in Snow
Buried Yurt
Let the wind howl and the snow pile up...

While others may say their yurts are naturally strong, that's a claim that doesn't stand up under close inspection. We invite you to compare engineering specifications. You'll find no other yurt measures up to the elements like a Pacific Yurt, engineered to be the strongest in the industry. As a complete assembly (the only accurate way to test strength), our yurt is professionally engineered to meet strict Uniform Building Code and International Building Code structural standards.

We invented and engineered the snow and wind support kits and upgrades to ensure our yurt was truly designed for all-season use. Our largest yurt can be designed to withstand snow loads up to 100 pounds per square feet and wind up to 100 miles per hour.

All of Pacific Yurts' engineering includes combined and uneven loading to assure user safety. We include safety allowances and engineer to worst-case loads instead of "perfect conditions." Engineering to perfect conditions does not reflect real life; still, it’s a lower standard some manufacturers use in order to inflate performance results.

"I was most impressed with the strength and snow load capacity of the yurt which, along with its spacious and aesthetically pleasing interior, provided ample warmth, comfort and all-around enjoyment to our back country ski experience."
- Tom S., Colorado

The best wood frame in the industry, direct from the Pacific Northwest.

Located in the heart of Pacific Northwest timber country, we are committed to the highest quality in our materials and workmanship. For example, at the mill we hand select only the finest kiln dried, selected structural, second growth Douglas fir from carefully managed forests for our frame. We never substitute lesser species or lower grades. This attention to every detail, as well as our dedication to sustainable building practices and environmental responsibility, is maintained throughout the construction of every yurt. With more than 200 years combined experience in wood products manufacturing, our woodworkers know quality and they will accept nothing less than the best.

"...the biggest change here is the upgrade of our yurts. This season we are happy to be proud owners of three new Pacific Yurts. Everyone will enjoy the upgrade to the finest accommodations the yurt world has to offer."
- Diane V., Wyoming

When it comes to award-winning fabric design, we've got you covered.

There is no substitute for experience, and we've put our over 30 year track record to good use in many ways that benefit our customers. For example, with thousands of our yurts in use all over the world, we are able to conduct extensive and ongoing field testing. This has enabled us to incorporate into our yurt design many innovations, including the best performing and most attractive fabric in the industry.

"The engineering, the quality of materials and the strength is superior."
- Josephine P., Washington

Pacific Yurts uses only reinforced vinyl fabric or woven polyester, both of which provide the ideal combination of strength, durability and overall performance in all weather conditions. These materials have proven far superior to cotton or cotton blended fabrics, which are susceptible to mildew and mold and require more maintenance.

Our yurts and architectural fabric design have received widespread acclaim and have been honored by the Industrial Fabrics Association with an International Achievement Award for Excellence. What matters more to our customers, though, is that our fabrics are backed with the industry's best warranties. Fabrics are flame resistant and available in a wide range of colors.

Hardware combines strength and beauty

Made exclusively for Pacific Yurts, our custom snow and wind hardware is designed for beauty, strength and durability. It is available in stainless steel with yellow zinc coating for an attractive finish that blends naturally with the warm color of our fine wood components. All exterior bolts and screws are stainless steel, and our lockset is warranted for life.

Simplicity or luxury? The options are limitless.

When we pioneered the modern lattice wall yurt, that was only the beginning. In the more than 30 years since, we've also developed a vast array of custom options to allow you to personalize and enhance your Pacific Yurt according to your individual needs and tastes. Each design option has been extensively tested, not only in our own manufacturing facility but also on our own personal yurts.

From NASA-developed reflective insulation to beautiful French doors, we have the options that can help you make your Pacific Yurt truly a space of your own.

For complete information on our custom options, follow this link.

"I've long been admiring the works of Pacific Yurts of Cottage Grove, Oregon, the original U.S. yurt maker. They create a versatile, high quality, affordable product, which has the advantage of having more have-it-your-way options than any other. And they have excellent customer service as well."
- Claire W.

Combined Loads
Combined loads:
Combined loads can cause torque or twist to occur. The Snow & Wind Kit is designed to counteract these forces.

Roof Load Path
Roof load path:
With the Snow & Wind Kit roof loads are transferred from the rafters to the rafter supports, then directly to the floor. This direct load path provides greater strength.

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