Yurt Planning

The Best Ways to Use Your Yurt’s Outdoor Space

Yurts have become more popular in recent years due to their versatility and affordability. Yurt owners are known for their ability to incorporate their personal style into their homes. In fact, interior design and decoration spans every aesthetic, from contemporary to rustic.  What’s more? Their creativity has come full circle.  Luxury yurt owners are utilizing […]

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Yurt Uses

Renting Your Pacific Yurt on Airbnb and How Much You Could Make

Want to make money while you’re on vacation? Interested in building affordable lodging to generate income? Turning a yurt into a revenue driven property could be the right solution. In fact, Airbnb yurt rentals make for profitable investments for those interested in making additional income. These unique circular living spaces are becoming the go-to Airbnb […]

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