How to build a yurt

The first thing to do when planning your yurt build is to choose an area that will work. You will need a clearing wide enough for your yurt floor plan and the space you desire around it. Check out our easy-to-use Yurt 3D Builder to explore yurt sizes and various features.

The yurt platform is the one part of the yurt that you’ll need to build yourself or contract out. It’s best if the platform is in place before the yurt is delivered. We provide suggested platform plans for every size yurt, so this too is made clear.

An important step to building a new yurt is to read through the easy-to-read instructions prior to assembling the yurt. We provide manuals for every size yurt that are simple but complete. All the needed tools, materials, and recommendations are clearly outlined for you. Learn more about building your first yurt in our blog.

View Our Infographic: 
Planning For Your Pacific Yurt


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