Yurts For Government Use


Generating revenue for government recreation areas

Using Pacific Yurts, park systems and resorts around the world are increasing their revenue by providing more cost-effective structures for lodging, meeting facilities, interpretive exhibits and many other uses.

For example, renting Pacific Yurts has helped Oregon State Parks increase revenue by generating greater use of coastal parks during the more inclement off-season. Up and down Oregon’s beautiful coastline, our yurts provide cozy, durable year-round accommodations that attract — and protect — visitors in all manner of weather.

“The Pacific Yurt is the “biggest money maker to hit the Oregon State Parks since campsites were introduced to them 70 years ago.”
Nation’s Business

From the Yukon to the South Seas, Pacific Yurts can be found on nearly every continent, in many uses generating revenue for government programs. Some of these uses include:

  • Campground rentals
  • Ski huts
  • Meeting halls
  • Military Outdoor Recreation Lodging
  • Interpretive center
  • Health/Fitness center

“Yurts take the hassle out of the camping experience for guests, and now we have people who won’t stay here unless a yurt is available.”
Scott B., Military Resort, Alaska

“We started with two yurts in 1993 and now have close to 200 and we are making money. Pacific Yurts puts out a great product and their quality is one of the reasons that this program has worked so well.”
Craig T., Oregon State Parks


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