Yurt Builder 3D™

Our Yurt Builder 3D™ pricing tool visually brings your custom yurt to life. Each step allows you to customize your yurt to your style, allowing you to try different colors, features, and more.

Build a yurt from scratch or make modifications to popular designs. If you’re unsure where to begin, read about our standard and custom features or view our photo gallery to find inspiration for your own yurt.

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Estimate Total: $8,700
After you’ve created your dream yurt and have reviewed and submitted your quote be sure to review our page about shipping and picking up your new yurt. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact the Pacific Yurts team.

The Yurt Builder 3D™ pricing tool is for illustrative purposes only. To place an order, please contact a Pacific Yurts representative at 800-944-0240.

Due to increasing material costs, prices are subject to change at any time.
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or continue to STEP 1 to CUSTOMIZE your yurt
    • Dark Linen Side Cover
    • Standard Top Cover - Olive w/Olive Valance
    • Solar Arc
    • Dome Opener
    • Double Window Door
    • 4 Total Fabric Windows (2 Extra)
    • Brown Side Cover
    • Premium Top Cover - Tan
    • Dome Opener
    • Tinted Dome
    • Window Door
    • 4 Total Fabric Windows (2 Extra)
    • Navy Side Cover
    • Premium Top Cover - Dark Gray
    • Dome Opener
    • Fiberglass Door
    • 5 Total Fabric Windows (3 Extra)
    • Olive Side Cover
    • Standard Top Cover - Putty
    • Brown Valance
    • Dome Opener
    • French Door @ 6:00
    • Window Door @ 12:00
    • 2 Glass Windows
    • 6 Total Fabric Windows (4 Additional)
    • Snow and Wind Kit - Standard Hardware
Step 1 Choose your

Choose your yurt size by diameter.

Step 2 Choose your

Side Cover Colors

Optional Vinyl Side Cover is also available.
Step 3 Choose your

Top Cover Colors

Step 4 Choose your

Door in the 6:00 position is included.

Door Style:

Step 5 Choose your

Two Fabric Windows included at no charge.

Yurts with one door limited to 8 fabric windows.

Step 6 Choose your

Please review your quote below. Clicking "Submit Quote" will send a copy to Pacific Yurts and your email address.

    Estimate Total: $10,825