How are Yurts Used?

Pacific Yurts go where you want to be.

Individual owners find many uses for their yurts, from a guest house or studio to a romantic getaway or vacation cabin. Park systems and resorts worldwide are using Pacific Yurts as lodging in a vast range of outdoor recreation settings.

And these are just a few of the multitude of personal, business and government applications in which you’ll find our remarkably versatile, all-weather yurts. Pacific Yurts offer the freedom to put your plans into action, by providing a new way to meet old challenges.


Personal Use

Unique, affordable, environmentally friendly and easy to set up, a Pacific Yurt is an outstanding choice for a vast range of personal uses including Vacation Home or Cabin, Temporary Housing, Guest Lodging, Studio / Office, Spa Enclosure and Meditation / Fitness Room.

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Business Use

Because Pacific Yurts impact minimally on the natural environment and are adaptable to a variety of energy and water/waste technologies, they are an excellent lodging choice for a variety of settings and budgets. From ski resorts to scout camps, business enterprises and not-for-profit organizations around the world are using Pacific Yurts to maximize their revenue or extend their housing budgets. Many successful business uses include Campground Rental, Ski Resort, Camp, Fitness / Retreat Center, Adventure Travel / Ecotourism Destination, Meeting Hall, Retail Space and Massage / Therapy Studio.

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Government Use

Because of tighter budget constraints and the need to do more with less, government agencies are increasingly implementing programs that are self-sustaining or profitable. This puts their interest in a similar context to other commercial users. Pacific Yurts can be found generating revenue in a variety of successful federal, state, and municipal programs. Some of these include Campground Rental, Ski Hut, Meeting Hall, Military Outdoor Recreation Lodging, Interpretive Center and Health / Fitness Center.

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