Reviews and Testimonials

Since our inception we’ve received numerous product awards, but none are as rewarding as the many letters of appreciation from our customers and accolades from the press. Here’s a few of our favorites.

“Last night I awoke to a circle of moonlight reflected on a wall. The light pouring down from a skylight onto a curved expanse of pure white cotton was so vivid the patterns of the moon’s surface were almost visible in the reflection. A breeze gently moved the walls. And looking out the floor-to-ceiling windows, I could see the forest. I felt content.

This is the life in a yurt – a practical and magical structure. Of course a yurt isn’t for everybody, but it may be for you if…

You want a temporary place to live while building a home – a place that can later be turned into an elegant and atmospheric art studio, guest house, meditation chamber, spa room, picnic shelter, playhouse, or workshop.

You’ve got property that’s hard to access with conventional building materials. If so, an unassembled yurt can be floated in by raft, helicoptered in, hauled by horses, or driven to your property in one or two pickup loads.

You like to feel close to nature while still being comfortably sheltered.

You want an inexpensive outbuilding that’s environmentally friendly and doesn’t look trashy… inexpensive enough to let you own a home without bank mortgages.  Because it’s not a permanent structure, a yurt also probably won’t increase taxes on your property. (But check for yourself.) With a yurt, you have the flexibility to relocate quickly, taking your home with you.

I’d long been admiring the works of Pacific Yurts of Cottage Grove, Oregon, the original U.S. yurt maker. They create a versatile, high-quality, affordable product, which has the advantage of having more have-it-your way options than any other. And they have excellent customer service, as well.”
– Green Living Magazine

Glamping Yurt built around a tree

“As we return to the yurt that night, our last, it occurs to me that these structures are the best way yet to combine luxury and wilderness. I want the trip to last for a week, at least.”
– Countryside Magazine

“Yurts are portable and easy to install, yet they are strong, durable and weather tight. They can be kept simple or include insulation, plumbing and electricity, creating an inexpensive vacation home. One of the most pleasant aspects of yurts is the amount of natural light they admit through the skylight in the center of the domed ceiling, as well as through the ceiling and wall fabric. Add a skylight opener, additional windows, doors and awnings too. Fabric has long been the key to yurts, which have been called architectural wonders, and modern fabrics only make them more so since contemporary coverings are really durable building materials.”
– Wild Times

Pacific Yurts donated one to Kauai County in Hawaii for an exposition of emergency shelters after Hurricane Iniki in 1992. It served as a meeting room for the county housing authority.
– Associated Press

“A village of new ‘super yurts’ has recently been installed at Umpqua Lighthouse State Park on the Oregon Coast. These large, 24-foot Pacific Yurts are designed for comfort with wood cabinets and partitions and include large bathrooms with hot showers, fireplace heater, kitchenette with dining area. They sleep up to seven people comfortably. The exterior yurt decks with barbecues and a covered porch offer views of Lake Marie. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the many activities available including kayaking, hiking and sunset beach walks.”
– Parks & Rec Business

“We are now into our second year of living full time in our 30 foot Pacific Yurt. Minnesota has given it a real test with blizzards, hail storms, and winds. The yurt hasn’t leaked, shifted, or in any way disappointed us. A person has to be careful or she can get downright messianic about these versatile structures!”
– Minnesotans Richard and Francis F. in Heartland USA Magazine

Lakeside yurts in Alaska

“When Jim Eskridge, outdoor recreation manager for the Pine View Campground, recently bought a yurt from Pacific Yurts to accommodate families that wanted something nicer than a tent, it was such a hit with guests that he bought another Pacific Yurt. ‘The two yurts were booked the entire season. They’re a great low-cost, quality investment for campgrounds to bring profit to their facilities.’ Eskridge said.

The yurts are equipped with beds, propane fireplaces, refrigerators, and microwaves. Pine View is now planning to create a yurt village, with a large yurt ‘Lodge’ in the center hooked up to water and sewer, and surrounded by individual yurts.

Eskridge enthusiastically attested to Pacific Yurts’ help with getting everything set up. ‘We had a question while setting up one of the yurts,’ he explained. ‘We called Pacific Yurts and one of their engineers spent time on the phone making sure we knew exactly what needed to be done.’

At the Seward Military Resort in Alaska, which includes motel rooms, townhouses, tent and RV sites, yurts are also becoming the shelter of choice. Scott Bartlett, business manager of the MWR facility, decided to replace two of the 12 tent sites with Pacific Yurts. ‘Our guests really aren’t crazy about setting up tents in the rain and packing up wet tents when they go home,’ he explained. ‘The yurts keep guests dry and save a lot of headaches.’ Because the yurts paid for themselves in their first year of use, Bartlett ordered two more, and plans to eventually replace all the resort’s tent sites with yurts. ‘They take the hassle out of the experience for guests, and we now have people who won’t stay here unless a yurt is available,’ he noted.”
– Government Recreation & Fitness Magazine

“My decision to get a Pacific Yurt was finalized after a visit to your facility. My yurt was the most excellent kit I have ever had the good fortune to experience and your service is wonderful. Thank you.”
– Stan B., Washington

“It’s not often you find such great service on the other end of the phone. Thanks for working with our ridiculous timelines.”
– Margot M., Massachusetts

“The yurt sustained 100 to 120- mph winds for five hours straight and trees around us came down. The yurt came through like a champ. I feel like one of my children just got an A+ on a report card! Great job, Pacific Yurts, and thank you.”
– Brigitta O., PhD, Honduras

“Your kits are flawless! We love our yurt, thank you! Pacific Yurts’ reputation and professionalism speaks for itself.”
– Susie B., California

“I am pleased to see that your yurts are continuing to evolve with new options like porch awnings and water catchments. As I head into my fourth Colorado winter in my yurt, I’m still in awe of the beauty and functionality of my home.”
– Brett L., Colorado

“Every single person who’s bought from you, whom I’ve talked to, praises Pacific Yurts. Needless to say, I wish I’d purchased from you.”
– Mary D., California

Yurt Bedroom interior wall

“I chose Pacific Yurts because of their reputation, dependability of the company and excellent customer service. I am thrilled to have such a fantastic space. What Pacific Yurts is offering is amazing!”

– Laine S., Maine

“We received many compliments on your structure throughout this our first ski season. The above average snow fall provided us both with great skiing all season, and an excellent test for your product. We had three to four foot dumps, extremely high winds (the yurt is located at 10,500 ft.) and five day storms. Through it all the Pacific Yurt held up beautifully. I was most impressed with the strength and snow load capacity of the yurt, which along with its spacious and aesthetically pleasing interior provided ample warmth, comfort and all around enjoyment to our backcountry ski experience here in the beautiful mountains outside of Rico.”
– Rico Snowcountry


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