how to make a yurt kitchen
Yurt Planning

Expert Tips for Adding a Kitchen to Your Yurt

Over the years, Pacific Yurt owners have found creative ways to improve and expand their yurt dwellings. These improvements range from adding new additions to building porches and increasing the dwelling space. Perhaps most common among yurt owners is the addition of a kitchen, which can transform a yurt into a more functional circular living […]

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Accessible yurt rental in Oregon
Yurt Vacations

5 Accessible Yurt Camping Destinations in Oregon

Thanks to recent efforts by prominent State and National Parks and other key outdoor organizations in Oregon, accessibility and inclusivity in the outdoors have continued to increase. Campgrounds have started to establish ADA compliant and friendly structures that ensure anyone can enter the wilderness without restriction or difficulty. For families and nature lovers seeking an […]

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Yurt in the desert
Yurt Vacations

5 International Pacific Yurts You Have to See

Pacific Yurts is the leading international yurt supplier because we make it easy for our global customers to get the yurt of their dreams by working closely with them. This means you can find our premium structures in countries like New Zealand, Japan, the UK, and many other places beyond the US where our customers […]

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Yurts in the News

Pacific Yurts Featured In Recreation Management

In a feature titled “Flexible Building Solutions,” writer Dave Ramont explores how several nonconventional structures are suitable for year-round use, while shining a bright light on the Pacific Yurt. Here is an excerpt: This year we’ve seen a lot of situations where temporary or nonconventional structures were utilized in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. […]

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Luxury yurt with a comfy bed perfect for glamping.
Yurt Vacations

How to Have a Yurt Retreat in the Summer of 2020

Outdoor recreation and visiting your favorite yurt destinations may require some adjustments as we manage the pandemic through the summer. And with reopenings and state restrictions relaxing, it’s essential to know how to travel safely and which options are available when planning a socially distanced weekend away in nature or a glamping trip. What to […]

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Backyard glamping yurt.
Yurt Uses

Fun and Inspirational Backyard Yurt Ideas for Families

The Pacific Yurt is known as an inspirational structure families can use for almost any purpose. For many households, it means having a place where kids can grow their independence in an imaginative setting, giving them an inspirational place to learn, or holding a backyard camping excursion in a unique structure to cultivate the spirit […]

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