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Customer Stories

Bringing the Outside in with GroundPDX

We have a wonderful guest blogger for this piece. Recently, we asked Pacific Yurt owner Mitch Bacon to share the story of how he came to learn about us, and how his yurt has impacted his life, and the life of others. We hope you enjoy reading his story! Pacific Yurts & GroundPDX A little […]

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Awesome Yurts on the Lake
Yurts in the News

Pacific Yurts Featured in Portland Monthly

The Portland Monthly recently did a fun piece featuring Pacific Yurts and our founder/owner Alan Bair. Here’s an excerpt: Yurts evoke a indefinite, yet alluring, past. (Meanwhile, Pacific has invested heavily in innovation, from electronic welding techniques to NASA-developed insulation material.) Their mobile character allows for improvisation. “You can use a yurt to get to […]

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Pacific Yurts - 1988

Our Solutions for the Top 5 Myths About Yurt Living

There are a lot of myths that circulate around yurts. Here we address some of the most common myths we hear and offer our solutions. Myth #1: Yurts are just like tents with no insulation value, so they are always too hot or cold. The Facts: Although the yurt’s compact, circular shape and conical roof encourage […]

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30' Dining hall yurt with Alpine upgrade

6 Ways to Include Yurts for Your Next Special Event

There is a growing trend in the events industry that has us more than a little excited. With the move towards creating unique, one-of-a-kind experiences for guests and attendees, more people are choosing to use yurts for their personal or business events. We think this makes perfect sense! Yurts are indeed unique, but they are […]

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Happy yurt camper kids by the fire

Family-Friendly Yurt Locations Have Fun Built-In

From their very beginning, yurts were made for families. Within the nomadic tribes of Central Asia, each family yurt (or Ger) was the hub of life for the family unit. The modern yurt is also an ideal lodging option for families looking to spend quality time together, indoors or out. Their circular shape and the […]

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