Shipping / Picking Up Your Yurt

Important Note: Due to current industry-wide supply chain and shipping disruptions, shipments could potentially be delayed. Estimated transit times and tracking information provided by freight carriers may not be reliable at this time. While we are doing everything in our power to ensure that orders are completed as close to the estimated date as possible, some circumstances are beyond our control, and we recommend planning accordingly. Pacific Yurts is not responsible for disruptions caused by delayed shipments, deliveries, or will-call availability. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate these challenging times.

– The Pacific Yurts Team

How much will shipping cost?

Shipping costs will vary depending on several factors. We’ll be happy to provide a shipping estimate to your location based on which size yurt and features you are considering.

Crating for Domestic Shipping:

There is a domestic packing and crating fee of $700 per yurt unless you pick up at our shop. The Glass Window System requires an additional charge of $200 (1-8 windows).

Crating for International Shipping:

CIF (Cost, Insurance, Freight) rate estimates can be provided upon request. The packing and crating fee for international shipments is $750. The Glass Window System requires an additional charge of $300 (1-8 windows). Please check with your Customs Agent for further information regarding import fees that may apply.

How do I arrange and pay for shipping?

Pacific Yurts will schedule shipment of your yurt to the specified delivery address, however you will be the party contracting with the freight company for delivery of your yurt. This allows our customers to take advantage of our discounted freight rates. Except by prior arrangement, your yurt will be shipped freight collect. Freight charges are paid directly to the freight carrier prior to or at the time of delivery. We will provide you with tracking information and a contact phone number for the freight carrier after the yurt leaves our facility. We recommend calling the freight company at that time to coordinate the delivery of your shipment and payment of the freight charges.

How do I unload my yurt?

A crated yurtIf your site is not considered to be “semi-truck accessible” by the freight carrier, you will need to choose an alternate delivery address or pick up your shipment at the carrier’s freight terminal. Some examples of site accessibility issues may include unpaved, narrow or unmaintained roads, or inadequate room for the truck to turn around. If any of these conditions apply to your delivery site, or if you have any questions or concerns regarding site accessibility, please call or email us for your local terminal’s contact information. You can then address these issues directly with the freight company. The large shipping crate(s) may be removed from the truck by a forklift that you provide or you could check with the freight carrier to see if a truck with a lift gate is available. This would simplify the unloading process and reduce the manpower needed to get the freight on the ground. The carrier will apply additional charges for lift gate service. If neither of these options are available, in most cases the freight carrier will allow the crates to be disassembled in the truck so the enclosed items can be carried off along with the other components. We typically recommend a minimum of 2-3 strong people for manually unloading and 3-4 strong people for the larger yurts. If you are using a forklift to unload, you will need 6’ forks or extensions due to the length of the shipping crates.

What do I need to know if I pick up my uncrated yurt at your facility?

Some of our customers choose to pick up their yurt at our facility. The hours for pick up are 8:30 am to 2:30 pm, Monday through Friday. We can supply “Vehicle Load-Out Minimum Requirement” diagrams which will help you choose an appropriately sized vehicle for picking up your yurt. Since the combination of features chosen will dictate the final weight and dimensions of the components, it is important to speak to our shipping clerk about the specific load-out requirements for your order. For instance, if your order includes Glass Window Systems, additional space would be required.


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