Video Gallery

Video is a great way to visualize the Pacific Yurt experience. If you have great content that you’d like us to feature, let us know!

Video Tours

Oregon Private Family Retreat
The Fit Farmer Tours Rosa’s Amazing Yurt
Aja and Jake Build Their “Fairytale Yurt”
Robert’s Off-Grid Luxury Yurt
David & The LUNA Project’s Off-Grid Yurt

The Story of Treebones Resort

Green Heart Family Farm 30′ Yurt

Yurt Platform – Cutting the Circle

Yurt Installation – Day 1

Yurt Installation – Day 2

Yurt Installation – Day 3

One Foot Off the Grid 30′ Yurt

Yurt Platform Framing

Completing the Yurt Platform

Setting up the Lattice Wall

Start to Finish Time Lapse


Joe’s Pacific Yurt Platform Construction

Green Heart Family Farm Range Hood Installation

Installing the Dome Opener
Green Heart Family Farm Stove Installation
Through Our Eyes Stove Installation
One Foot Off the Grid Pellet Stove Installation


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