Pacific Yurts Video Gallery

Video is a great way to visualize the Pacific Yurt experience. Check out high-quality videos from Pacific Yurts owners to see what it’s like to live in a yurt, how to build a yurt, and other yurt life experiences! If you have a great video that you’d like us to feature, let us know.

Yurt Tours

Explore several different yurt living experiences with these video tours. To see more, visit our 360° virtual tours.

Oregon Private Family Retreat:
Explore the peaceful outdoors surrounding an Oregon private family yurt retreat.
The Fit Farmer:
Get a comprehensive view of William and Rosa’s Pacific Yurt with The Fit Farmer Tour.
Tiny House Giant Journey: 
Take a tour of Jake and Aja’s dreamy Whidbey Island getaway, Sweet Water Yurt.
Airbnb Ambassador Robert gives an inside look at his off-grid luxury glampground, Grand Glamping at Grand Canyon National Park.
Exploring Alternatives:
Learn from David, founder of The LUNA Project, about his 14 years living in a Pacific Yurt, why he chose this lifestyle, and some of the ups and downs he’s experienced along the way.
Treebones Resort:
John and Corinne Handy tell their story about building an eco-resort, Treebones Resort, in the vast and beautiful Big Sur, CA.

Yurt Build: Green Heart Family Farm

The Jensen family walks us through the steps they took to build their 30’ Pacific Yurt. For example 30’ floor plans and more browse our Downloadables.

Yurt Platform:
Watch the team install the tongue & groove flooring, water pipes for future plumbing work underneath the yurt, cut the yurt platform circle, and start on the drip edge. 
Yurt Installation Day 1:
Green Heart Family Farm uses the setup instructions from Pacific Yurts to install the drip edge and the yurt’s wooden frame.
Yurt Installation Day 2:
In this video, we see the installation process for a Pacific Yurt top liner, yurt insulation, outer covers, and finally a clear dome.
Yurt Installation Day 3:
Watch the final steps of the Green Heart Family Farm yurt installation. They install glass windows, window trim, ​​cinch the top cover valance cord, and more!

Yurt Build: One Foot Off the Grid

One Foot Off the Grid is your average suburban family with a love for the outdoors. Take a look behind the scenes of their 30′ Pacific Yurt build. To build your own yurt, try our Yurt Builder 3D™.

Yurt Platform:
In this video, the team walks through the process of building a yurt platform, starting with placing and leveling piers and installing posts and beams.
Yurt Platform:
Watch the final steps of installing a yurt platform, including tongue & groove flooring, insulation, and more.
Yurt Lattice:
Watch a yurt start to take shape. See the steps to set up the lattice walls and door of a Pacific Yurt.
Start to Finish Time Lapse:
Watch the full timelapse process of One Foot Off the Grid’s Pacific Yurt build!

Yurt Instructional Videos

Learn about building a platform and a few upgrades you can make in your own Pacific Yurt with these instructional videos. For more inspiration on additions and upgrades you can make in your yurt, read our blog.

See the steps Joe took to build a 24’ yurt platform including installing insulation and the drip edge.
Green Heart Family Farm:
The Jensen family is back! This time, showing how they installed a range hood in their Pacific Yurt.
Pacific Yurts:
We demonstrate how to install a Pacific Yurts’ dome opener spindle properly.
Green Heart Family Farm:
The Jensen family shows many steps they took to install a wood stove inside their 30’ yurt.
Through Our Eyes:
Through Our Eyes walks through the process of installing a stove pipe and chimney on their Pacific Yurt.
One Foot Off the Grid:
In this episode, Sara and Ryan give an inside look at installing a pellet stove in their yurt to heat up the space.


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