16' Office Yurt Exterior
Yurt Uses

Artists Sing the Praises of Yurt Studios

Yurts have been found to be special places for a variety of uses. In addition to being lovely living spaces, they are proving to be ideal for everything from yoga studios to spas. We are seeing more and more of them used by creatives for their artistic endeavors. Artists of every kind are finding that […]

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Yurts in the News

Pacific Yurts featured in Eugene Weekly

Recently, Pacific Yurts at Treebones Resort were featured in the Eugene Weekly. Here’s a snippet: We arrived just ahead of the storm we had been dancing with all down the coast. It rained hard for the rest of the afternoon and into the night. The Santa Lucia Mountains would get over seven inches of rain […]

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yurt getaway with bicycle

5 Ways to Relax & De-Stress in a Yurt

Stress affects our bodies and minds in ways we are still discovering, but as humans we also tend to grow used to the surging amounts of adrenaline, tension, and other road signs shouting to us that it’s time for a break. It’s vital we get away from it all to reconnect with ourselves and recalibrate […]

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yurt exterior with spring flowers
Yurt Planning

Planning for Your Pacific Yurt

In our 40 years of building yurts exclusively, we have found that some of our potential customers are concerned about the idea of setting up a yurt on their own. We completely understand! Yurts are unique, which can be wonderful when it comes to design and location options; but, their uniqueness can also be a little intimidating. […]

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