Pacific Yurts - 3D Yurt Builder Tool Do you dream of waking up in your own cozy yurt, surrounded by nature? If so, why not hammer down a few design details? If you design a yurt using our Yurt Builder 3D™, you’ll gain insight into costs, window and door location options, and features. This easy online design tool can be customized to help you envision your ideal yurt.

Below are the five steps needed to design and buy yurt kits using our Yurt Builder 3D™. You can also download the accompanying checklist, here.

1) Identify your Yurt’s Purpose
Will you be leading coastal yoga retreats in your yurt? Or will this be a place for mountain getaways? Some people live in yurts year-round. Understanding how you will use your yurt is a primary goal, as this will help you understand which features to prioritize. For instance, a meditation studio yurt in a temperate location may not require insulation, while a ski vacation yurt will need insulation as well as a special kit for sustaining heavy snow loads.

2) Select a Size
Pacific Yurts are available in multiple sizes, accommodating your needs. We size yurts according to their diameter, from 12’ (a cozy private retreat) to 30’ (a substantial family affair). With the assistance of a professional contractor, a larger yurt can accommodate interior walls, a kitchen, separate sleeping quarters, a bathroom, and even a loft. For a visual appreciation of different yurt sizes, check out our 360° virtual yurt tours.

3) Select Features
This is where you select wall and roof coverings, as well as the door and windows. We offer coverings in a palette of colors, with an optional, 15-year warrantied premium top cover for the roof. Doors can highlight simplicity (panel doors), elegance (French doors), or lower maintenance (fiberglass doors). Choose between fabric windows or the glass window system. Window awning frames for fabric windows can also be added here.

4) Select Add-On Features
Where will your yurt be located? The climate will largely determine which additional features will be required. Roof and wall insulation, combined with a good heat source will keep you cozy year-round, even in more extreme climates. (Remember, yurts originated in Mongolia, where it’s not unusual for winter temperatures to drop below zero.) You can add kits for heavy snow loads and high winds. Stove flashing is also available in this step. Gutters will keep things flowing in wetter climates. Finally, you can add a dome opener, a tinted dome, fan support, and/or bug/shade screens to keep things cool in sunny or tropical locales.

5) Submit a Quote and Talk to a Representative
At this point in the Yurt Builder 3D™ process, you’ll see a breakdown of yurt costs by size and features. Crating options are also listed here, along with an estimate total. Our online design tool concludes with an area to enter your mandatory contact information, so that one of our representatives can connect with you with more details. Once your quote has been submitted, a copy will be emailed to you for your reference and convenience.

That’s it! After just a few clicks, you can have a yurt design and estimate through Yurt Builder 3D™. Buying a yurt couldn’t be easier.

Start designing your yurt in 3D!

3D Yurt Design with Riverside Background Setting