Fallen oak on yurt
Yurt Maintenance

Just How Tough Are Pacific Yurts Anyway?

As Pacific Yurts employees arrived for work on Tuesday, July 19th, 2011 they were greeted by a fallen sixty foot oak tree. Some time early that morning the mighty oak had given up trying to hold itself vertical and fell over on its side. Unfortunately it fell directly onto one of the display yurts on […]

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Our new Custom Curve Glass Window System - © 2011 Pacific Yurts Inc.
Product Announcements

The Custom Curve™ Glass Window System

We are proud of the long list of innovations over our history of building the highest quality modern yurts.  From reflective insulation and French doors to heavy-duty snow and wind upgrades, we have introduced most of the features that have made yurts tremendously popular in a variety of settings and applications.  Many of these innovations […]

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