Pacific-yurt-in-the-woodsApart from being popular glamping options and wilderness retreats, yurts are becoming even more common among families who are embracing the circular lifestyle. There are many reasons families choose yurt living, including wanting to minimize their carbon footprint, simplify their lifestyle, live close to the outdoors, and more.

Few structures are as durable, customizable, or eco-friendly as a yurt. Many yurt owners are also surprised to find out how many people can comfortably live within such a unique dwelling. 

To help inspire your #yurtlife plans, here are a few of our favorite yurt families from around the U.S.

The Lulastic Family

Well known throughout the yurt community, the Lulastic family is made up of Lily AitkenRead, her partner, and two children. After growing up in the UK, AitkenRead and her family moved from crowded South London to a yurt in the middle of the New Zealand countryside. There, she and her adventurous kiddos started a small organic farm and adapted to a new way of life, circular style! The family has lived in their yurt for nearly 10 years and have created the type of cozy, sustainable lifestyle that people dream of having. 

Their yurt includes a full kitchen, a panel of solar-powered appliances, and many other amenities that make their #yurtlife so incredible. Apart from blogging on off-the-grid family living, AitkenRead is an advocate for ‘Unschooling,’ an unique approach to childhood education, as well as various wellness initiatives. Interested readers can check out the Lulastic & the Hippyshake family on Instagram as well as her blog to learn more. 

The Green Heart Family Farm 

Better known as the Green Hearts, the Jensen family is a clan of four (soon to be five!) adventurous souls currently living in a yurt in the middle of Oregon’s pristine forestland. With ambitions to create a sustainable living outpost comparable to a traditional homestead, the Jensen family spent the summer of 2020 building out their Pacific Yurt interior and establishing their organic farming practices. 

The Green Heart Family Farm is a perfect example of do-it-yourself circular living. The cozy interior space contains a kitchen on one wall with hand-finished cabinets, lighting along the ceiling, as well as a loft space where the Green Heart kids can learn, play, and rest. In addition to his children, Jarvis Jensen is an active parent to the family’s two pups and a small herd of goats, which he regularly takes on mountain walks in the early hours of the day. Follow along with Jarvis Jensen and his cute farming crew on Instagram and YouTube

One Foot Off the Grid

When Sara and Ryan, along with their kids Owen and Lindy, bought a five-acre property in the Hood Canal in Washington, they could only dream of what the future held. As a family of outdoor enthusiasts, the One Foot Off the Grid team opted to build a Pacific Yurt on their little slice of paradise and they’ve documented their journey extensively on social media. Between COVID-19, unpredictable weather, and the challenges that come with DIY homebuilding, the OFOG family has run into some bumps along the way, but they’ve taken them in stride and continued to share their yurt experience in vivid detail. 

While the family’s yurt is still under construction, their posts and stories offer an accurate picture of what creating a #yurtlife takes, from setting the foundation to loading in a full-size pellet stove (with a tractor no less!). Be sure to follow along with the One Foot Off the Grid family on Instagram and YouTube

All Paths Lead to Water 

Three-chickens-in-the-grassMike and Nikole created their Pacific Yurt homestead off the coast of Maine in the early 2018. Together with their son, Sullivan, the trio built, renovated, and stocked their yurt with all the trappings necessary for full time #yurtlife. With a loft space, a separate bedroom for their son, and living room complete with a wood-burning stove, the All Paths Lead to Water family has enjoyed over two years living in the comfort of the Northeast woods.

In addition to their yurt, the family built a small farm, which includes a barn for a variety of animals like cows, chickens, and a beehive for honey. Other homemade outdoor amenities include an outdoor shower, a fire pit, and a bathtub, which can be heated by hot coals on chilly nights under the stars. 

Nowadays, Mike and Nikole spend most of their time caring for their land, reorganizing their furniture, and brainstorming how they can continue to make their circular space even more efficient and eco-friendly. Follow along with the All Paths Lead to Water family on Instagram, or catch them on YouTube for helpful videos on yurt construction, maintenance, and general sustainability practices. 

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