With the rise of private home-sharing and the global glamping trend, commercial interest in yurts has skyrocketed. Apart from being easy to maintain and cost-effective, yurts offer immense value to property owners for their versatility and investment potential. If you’ve ever considered adding a Pacific Yurt to your RV park, campground, resort, or private land, now is the perfect time to enter the market. 

With fully customizable interiors and a wealth of DIY resources available, yurts are an ideal addition to any property or entrepreneur looking to invest in alternative living. Check out a few of our favorite types of yurt rentals below, and consider investing in a Pacific Yurt! 

RV Parks

The popularity of Recreation Vehicles (RVs) have dramatically increased in 2020 and is expected to continue its meteoric rise over the next couple of years. As Americans continue transitioning to remote-based work, many will flock to RV parks that offer amenities like Wifi, remote working stations, and easy access to outdoor destinations during non-working hours. 

To help meet this new group of visitors’ needs, park owners would do well to invest in a Pacific Yurt to diversify their offerings while providing a welcoming, clean space for remote workers. Yurts can also be used as alternative dwellings like the yurts at the Port of Coos’ Bay RV Park, which are set up with bunk beds, heating and electricity, and a table and chairs. Alternatively, they can be used as shared spaces, perfect for internet cafes or a simple, covered gathering space for campers to escape away from the confines of their RVs. Either way, with the addition of a yurt or two, RV Park owners can maximize their amenities affordably while offering new rental options or common areas. 


For resort owners looking to expand their offerings, yurts are nearly unbeatable in terms of price and customization. Known as one of the easiest structures to assemble out of the box, Pacific Yurts offers a wide range of options for their design and function. Upscale yurts like the ones at Lakes End in The Great Smoky Mountains are the perfect examples of how a simple space can be transformed into a luxury vacation dwelling. With top-notch kitchen appliances, isolated bedrooms with private patio views, and a full tiled bathroom, the yurts at this iconic resort offer experiences unparalleled by even the most luxurious hotels. 

Yurt on an elevated platform with a balcony on the side of a lake.

On the other hand, yurts like those at the Treebones Resort in Big Sur, California provide once-in-a-lifetime views while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic on the interior. No matter what type of design you choose, glamping yurts can be rented at the same price as most traditional resort dwellings, making them the perfect choice for an economical offering that will eventually pay for itself. 


While creating more tent and RV sites are certainly an option, building yurts may also be the answer when it comes to securing additional visitors year-round. 

In Oregon, yurts have been credited with helping save the State Parks System, as they’ve provided a much needed boost in revenue with very little overhead. As we head into the late fall and winter, the campgrounds with indoor offerings will be the ones that see the most consistent visitors, and yurts are the perfect structures to fill this unique void. The Long Beach Campground in Seaview, Washington is a year-round campground that benefits from regular usage of its onsite yurts, which include beds, a table and chairs for guests, as well as an outdoor BBQ area with a fire pit. With only the most basic amenities, the Pacific Yurts at Long Beach allow for a campground in a normally forbidding winter climate to remain open and flourishing in all four seasons. 

Private Land

The rush on public and private campgrounds has created a demand that has spilled over and benefitted private landowners more than ever before. For landowners looking to create a reputable business on their property, yurts provide an opportunity unlike any other, perhaps because of their affordability and their easy-to-maintain nature. 

The elegant yet straightforward Elk Moon yurt is the perfect example of a private glamping site that provides ample outdoor appeal with minimal upgrades. The yurt itself includes a small wood-burning stove, log furniture, and a miniature camp kitchen courtesy of a portable stove. This cozy retreat provides the perfect getaway for adventurous travelers. The best part? Their average booking fee is between $85 – $100. Consider adding a Pacific Yurt to your property to create the ideal glamping escape to earn some additional income. 

Share Your Yurt Rental Listings

If you’re a yurt owner looking to become a yurt-repreneur, but you’re not quite sure where to list it, here are a few great resources available to yurt rental owners. 

Interested in building a Pacific Yurt on your property? Contact us today and let us know how we can help.