man relaxing in natureStress affects our bodies and minds in ways we are still discovering, but as humans we also tend to grow used to the surging amounts of adrenaline, tension, and other road signs shouting to us that it’s time for a break. It’s vital we get away from it all to reconnect with ourselves and recalibrate internally. We believe yurt vacations are an excellent way to do that.

A stay in a yurt allows you to be close enough to nature to enjoy its sights and sounds, but not so close as to cause discomfort. You get the benefit of camping, but very little of the work involved—especially with unpacking or packing. You can arrive at your yurt, walk in, and sit down. You may have to make a bed and set up something for the kids to do, but compared to setting up a tent, it’s a lot more relaxing. It also keeps you cozy when nature is wet and cold. Having beds, natural lighting, and space adds to the ambiance of relaxation.

The space in a yurt is naturally conducive to de-stressing. Yurts sit lightly on the earth and protect us from the rougher parts of nature, but they also still let in the beautiful light and sounds, as well as the calming sound of raindrops on the roof.

Relaxing in a Yurt

yurt getaway with bicycleWe gathered some expert tips for making the most of a relaxing yurt vacation. Here’s what we found:

Forget your phone

Yurts get you out, away from the WIFI where browsing for too long will be less of a problem. When we disconnect from the things that are pulling at us online, our minds and bodies begin to re-adjust to a slower pace.

There’s another important reason for minimizing phone use during your stay in a yurt: Sleep. According to a study done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than a third of Americans are not getting the sleep they need on a regular basis. Your yurt vacation is the time to reset any bad sleep habits. Studies also tie smart phone usage near bedtime to interrupted sleep cycles. More reasons to leave devices in the car.

Really Enjoy the Quiet

Pacific Yurt at Stay NantahalaA vacation can have wonderful effects on us if we let it do its job. We need to choose locations and activities that truly allow our nervous systems to decompress. It’s best to avoid overscheduling things and release any fear of missing out on something.

This one seems obvious, but experts teach that one of the best ways to de-stress is to meditate and just breathe. Yurt vacations allow us to do this. Sitting in a yurt, with the sunlight streaming in through the skylight, you can indulge your senses in outdoor goodness. Even though you are protected from the elements, you can still enjoy the relaxing sights and sounds of the great outdoors.

Choose Activities Intentionally

Awesome Yurts on the LakeMany yurt rentals are located on sites where there are other luxury options to experience along with glamping in a yurt. Take full advantage of a hot tub on site or any spa services. These are well worth the expense. Spend time intentionally in meditation, breathing in the peace.

This is the time to reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. Many of us do this best in a setting where we are also reconnecting with nature, which is another wonderful feature of most yurt vacations.

Guard the Time

vacation yurt with a bedOne of the problems with not getting truly rested during time off is that we all have some degree of not wanting to let things go.  We tend to bring work with us. Of course, we should work hard before vacation to get things in order, but once off duty, if anything does come up, we should intentionally re-schedule or delegate to others. It’s best to decide ahead of time who to check in with (if anyone) and keep it to a minimum. And naturally, the experts recommend checking email as little as possible. We have to really protect our vacation time to get the benefit of it.

A Final Word

cozy yurt retreatExperts tell us the best vacations are those that allow us to slow down enough to learn our own actual patterns again. Yurt vacations allow us to reconnect to our own natural rhythms. To eat when we’re hungry and sleep when we’re tired. To notice when we need something and be able choose it. This is what a yurt vacation can do for us.


To explore the growing number of yurt rentals in your area or favorite vacation spot, visit our online Yurt Vacation Planning Tool. Taking a yurt vacation is a decision you will not regret.