Secluded Pacific Yurt near creek Here at Pacific Yurts, we consider it a privilege to be able to partner with our customers to bring their unique home and vacation rental to fruition. We are happy when our fellow yurt lovers create the peaceful or adventurous retreat they have been longing for.

So, when we get to see these dreams realized, we want to celebrate with our clients and share the excitement with you. Here are 6 of our favorite yurt photos posted by our customers on social media.

Winter Wonderland

This yurt photo was posted by Marta K., one of our many customers in California. It shows the gorgeous snowy experience of yurt living in the winter. We think this yurt photo captures the  way a yurt can sit amongst nature’s most beautiful places, nestled in among the trees, and look cozy and right at home–—like it was always meant to be there.

The photo also demonstrates the warm resilience of yurt living in the winter weather. Even with the trees laden with snow like in a fairytale, the yurt is settled sturdily in place. This is made possible by our snow and wind kits available with any size of Pacific Yurt.

Pacific Yurt photo in the snow

Cozy in Canada

Julie-Anne D. posted this interior lit image of her 30’ yurt. In this photo, the snow-covered ground is paired with an uplifting view of the northern sky, still partially lit by the setting sun. While the dusk of evening must be bitter cold in this setting, the warm interior lights of the yurt glow with hospitality and warmth. It is for reasons like these that modern yurts are trending at ski resorts. There is just nothing like coming in out of the cold to a warm, close, community setting. Pass the hot chocolate and marshmallows, please.

She captions her yurt photo with this: “Just weathered a few weeks of -25 up here in British Columbia and with our wood stove and a few baseboard heaters, we were toasty warm the whole time.” With a photo like this, her description is easy to agree with.

Pacific Yurt photo at night in the winter

The View from the Mountains

Brooke P. posted this beautiful yurt photo of her Washington retreat. Can you imagine stepping out of your yurt to this morning view? This 360 degree view of mountains, wispy white clouds, and a blanket of thick, powdery snow is breathtaking. This is a retreat where great adventures, deep conversations, and still, quiet moments can become a reality with Pacific Yurts.

Pacific Yurt in Washington with snowy mountain views

Stone Platform Beauty

Melissa L. posted this near-dusk yurt photo of this stone-wrapped yurt, complete with custom porch steps. You can view a clear photo of the yurt here, during the daytime.

Notice the spindles on the porch, the beautiful front door, the stone path, the gorgeous back deck, and the quaint wooden fence. One can almost hear the crickets chirping and the leaves rustling as the sun sets on this picturesque scene.

Pacific Yurt with stone platform at dusk

Living in the Round

Rosa L. posted this yurt photo of her beautifully landscaped home with stone steps and custom-arched porch and deck. You may remember this yurt from her previous customer story. Used for full-time living, as opposed to vacationing or short-term excursions, this yurt was molded into a home inside and out. The covered porch and deck make for lovely outdoor living opportunities and the stunning French doors are the perfect gateway to the outside spaces. Her caption reads, “The landscaping really accents our Pacific Yurt. There is just something to say about living in the round.”  We couldn’t agree more.

Pacific yurt customer photo with updated landscaping

Home Sweet Home

Melissa V. posted a yurt photo of her woodland-arched fairytale home where she has spent happy years. The solid wood screen door allows for indoor/outdoor living with a close tie to nature. Her yurt also makes use of our adjustable, anodized aluminum awning frames to support the yurt window flaps. This allows the windows to be left open for air circulation.

This is yet another example of how a personalized touch to your Pacific Yurt can allow it to be the home or retreat of your own dreams.

pacific yurt home

Thank you for joining us on this tour of some of our favorite yurt photos from our happy customers. We hope you’re enjoying your Pacific Yurt, and if you do, feel free to post a picture on our Facebook wall so we can enjoy it with you!