Thanks to recent efforts by prominent State and National Parks and other key outdoor organizations in Oregon, accessibility and inclusivity in the outdoors have continued to increase. Campgrounds have started to establish ADA compliant and friendly structures that ensure anyone can enter the wilderness without restriction or difficulty.

For families and nature lovers seeking an accessible yurt vacation, there are now more options to consider that offer ADA compliant structures without sacrificing views and access to the outdoors. Without further ado, here are a few of our favorite ADA accessible Pacific Yurts in Oregon. 

Remember to visit a location’s website or call directly to learn more about yurt rental availability and potential closures during COVID-19 when planning your vacation.

1. Big Bear Camp   

Big Bear Camp is set in the Siuslaw watershed, just 35-miles west of beautiful Eugene, Oregon. The property houses a variety of buildings and amenities onsite, including a lodge, fully-furnished yurts, and tent sites that make it ideal for  family getaways, corporate retreats, or even group outings with friends. 

Perhaps the best part about Big Bear Camp is its versatile and ADA compliant 30-foot yurt. We highly recommend checking this one out if you’re looking for an accessible yurt that can facilitate group meals, lectures, arts & crafts sessions, or camp-outs. The well-lit and wide-open floor plan provides views into the dense Oregon forest and ample space for tranquil reflection and community. At the same time, the interior skillfully delivers comfort and space you’ll love. Enjoy! For more information, visit Big Bear Camp’s website

2. Umpqua Lighthouse State Park 

Umpqua Lighthouse State Park provides instant access to wilderness as well as a variety of ADA compliant options for both day-use visitors and overnight guests. Located less than a mile from the iconic Salmon Harbor outside of Reedsport, the Umpqua Lighthouse State Park is the ideal location for visitors who’d like to spend an afternoon angling on the shores of Lake Marie or have a cozy night by the fireside in one of the park’s rentals. 

The deluxe yurts at Lake Marie offer views of the lake and easy access to the park’s key attractions, including the Umpqua Lighthouse itself. Conveniently, both yurts #15 and #16 are fully accessible and ADA compliant. They also include some of the best views in the entire park. Additionally, visitors are encouraged to take advantage of the many resources and tours that Umpqua Lighthouse State Park offers along its quaint coastal setting. Make a reservation at Oregon State Parks’ website.

3. Jessie M. Honeyman State Park 

William M. Tugman Yurt

This beautiful state park is another hidden gem that offers premium scenery and accessibility for guests. As the second-largest Oregon state campground, Jessie M. Honeyman provides over 350 campsites along with hiking trails and the iconic sand dunes that provide a natural barrier between the ocean and the park itself. In addition to its various amenities, JMH State Park offers two yurts that are ADA compliant, and provide paved access to some of the region’s best wilderness and landscapes. Book your Pacific Yurt at the Jesse M. Honeymoon State Park by following the link here

4. William M. Tugman State Park 

Another lesser-known Oregon state park, William M. Tugman State Park boasts a wealth of scenery on the Southern Oregon coast as well as prime access to the nearby Eel Lake. With a whopping 16 yurts available, several of which are ADA compliant and friendly to all types of visitors with mobility needs, William M. Tugman is one of the most accessible and inclusive state parks in Oregon. All yurts offer full amenities and access to the park, including a day-use area flanked by patches of quintessential Oregon forest. You can book the William M. Tugman State Park Yurt at the Oregon State Parks’ website

5. Tumalo State Park 

As the gem of Central Oregon, Tumalo State Park is a pristine patch of wilderness surrounding  the famous Deschutes River. Just a few minutes from Bend, Tumalo is perhaps the most conveniently located Oregon state park that still provides guests with its own form of solace and relaxation. Within the park itself, there are paved trails, trophy trout-fishing waters, and a surplus of scenic views you can enjoy from one of the park’s many viewpoints. Amongst Tumalo’s premier dwellings, yurt #8 is fully ADA compliant and features an array of excellent amenities and comfort for all guests. Plan your Oregon yurt vacation to Tumalo State Park by visiting their website

We hope you enjoyed our list highlighting a few of our favorite ADA-compliant yurts in Oregon. As we manage COVID-19, we encourage you to visit each yurt location’s website for updates on travel information and availability when planning your vacation. Visit our Yurt Vacations page to discover additional accessible accommodations near you.