musical artist with guitar outsideYurts have been found to be special places for a variety of uses. In addition to being lovely living spaces, they are proving to be ideal for everything from yoga studios to spas. We are seeing more and more of them used by creatives for their artistic endeavors.

Artists of every kind are finding that yurt studios are ideal for their creative work. Yurts provide a cost-effective and convenient work space that can be close to one’s living space, but still separate. This provides the physical and psychological boundaries needed between work—with all its necessary materials and gear—and play or rest in the home.

Beautiful Spaces

PY-Treebones ResortCreativity flows in a yurt because the space itself is conducive to it. And, as we’ve noted before, creative work is affected by the space it’s created in. Separate yurts for singers and artists also provide a dedicated space for meetings and creative jam sessions of all kinds.

Beautiful Sound

What recording artists are finding, whether they be singers or musicians, is that the sound quality in a yurt is surprisingly pleasant. A yurt is not a space a recording artist might normally consider good for sound because they are round.

Pacific Yurts Office studio yurtCircular rooms are sometimes found to be terrible for acoustics and recording, and this is certainly true for large round spaces, especially the grand marble or wood ones that frustrated the orators of the past with their odd echoes.

But, because of the fabric and lattice on the walls of a modern yurt, and the fact that the dome ceiling makes things interesting, recording artists are calling yurts some of the best recording spaces they’ve ever used.

Beautiful Shell

cozy yurt with musical instrumentRecording studios are usually built with an inner shell—a sort of room within a room—to keep the mass of the inner wall separate from the outer wall. This keeps outside noise, well … outside. The inner room is often built with different wall angles and lengths depending on the sound desired. Sounds waves are reflected strongly off of hard surfaces. The more mass the surface has, the more it reflects. Yurt walls seem to reflect just the right amount of sound, as long as the yurt is not near a busy road where the sounds outside the yurt would be a problem.

Some musicians are enjoying experimenting with the sound in a modern yurt, moving the microphone to different places to hear and appreciate the differences. It is recommended, though, that a recording artist who is considering a yurt studio try one first to see if the yurt offers the kind of sound they are looking for. Photo provided by @jorahgrace.

Music Lovers are Yurt Lovers

open yurt interiorMusic lovers in general have fallen head over heels for yurt stays during festival season. Companies have sprung up all over to serve the music festival industry. Builders will come onto the festival grounds to construct yurts, and rental companies will usually offer luxury options, such as furnishings and a stocked mini-fridge. They offer modern yurt rentals for festival goers to relax in after long days of dancing and singing in the summer sun of festival season.

Even Coachella, the crown jewel in the festival season crown, is now offering modern yurt rentals. On-site luxury yurts are available for concert-goers to stay in at the Resort at Coachella. Two guests can stay for up to 5 nights with a lot of perks (for a steep price), including all meals, a personal driver, and maid service. And of course, other festivals, especially those in the UK, such as the Cornbury Music Festival, have long-offered yurts for rental during their events.

If you are a recording artist, a music lover, or a creative of any kind, we believe you will love yurt life. Check out our stunning online gallery for yurt inspiration and ideas.

20' yurt exterior