yurt getaway with bicycle

5 Ways to Relax & De-Stress in a Yurt

Stress affects our bodies and minds in ways we are still discovering, but as humans we also tend to grow used to the surging amounts of adrenaline, tension, and other road signs shouting to us that it’s time for a break. It’s vital we get away from it all to reconnect with ourselves and recalibrate […]

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yurt exterior with spring flowers
Yurt Planning

Planning for Your Pacific Yurt

In our 40 years of building yurts exclusively, we have found that some of our potential customers are concerned about the idea of setting up a yurt on their own. We completely understand! Yurts are unique, which can be wonderful when it comes to design and location options; but, their uniqueness can also be a little intimidating. […]

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family yurt photo
Yurt Vacations

Yurts Offer the Perfect Solution for Multi-Family Vacations

Multi-family vacations are a popular way to get some much-needed rest, relaxation, and fun. They allow kids, parents, and grandparents to make memories together, while sharing costs and responsibilities. Experts agree the benefits of vacationing with other families are hard to ignore. Easier on the Budget: When traveling together, the expenses can be split up, […]

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Anindor Vineyards Yurt
Yurt Uses

Yurts and Wineries – The Perfect Pairing!

We are excited to share with you that there is a growing connection between modern yurts and some of the best wineries in the country. Why is this exciting? Mainly because they are a perfect pairing! Yurts go beautifully with the pace and pleasantries of vineyards and wineries. Some are using yurts as lodging for […]

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Stone Wind 1
Yurt Planning

Choosing the Perfect Yurt Platform and Flooring

While yurts are relatively simple to construct, there is one decision involved in the process that will always require some focused attention and a little expertise. This decision has to do with choosing yurt flooring. For first-time yurt buyers and for those looking to upgrade or re-do their current yurt finishes, this question comes up […]

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24' Glamping Yurt Interior
Yurt Vacations

How to go Glamping in Style on Your Next Yurt Vacation

Have you heard of glamping? This newer term combines “glamour” and “camping” to describe a trend in outdoor enjoyment, namely camping in luxury. While the word glamping is fairly new, dating to 2005, the idea of camping in luxury is not. Sixteenth-century Ottoman sultans enjoyed lavish feasts and theatrical performances in richly decorated pavilion tents. In the […]

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Pacific Yurts - Adventure Sports Journal Cover
Yurts in the News

Pacific Yurts Featured in Adventure Sports Journal

Adventure Sports Journal recently featured a nice article all about Pacific Yurts; how we started and how we fit into the growing ecotourism market. Here’s an excerpt: The rise of ecotourism means resorts are the fastest growing segment of Pacific Yurt’s business. “A lot of campgrounds and sustainable lodges want a light footprint, and visitors […]

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