Backyard glamping yurt.
Yurt Uses

Fun and Inspirational Backyard Yurt Ideas for Families

The Pacific Yurt is known as an inspirational structure families can use for almost any purpose. For many households, it means having a place where kids can grow their independence in an imaginative setting, giving them an inspirational place to learn, or holding a backyard camping excursion in a unique structure to cultivate the spirit […]

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Yurts in the News

Pacific Yurts Zoom Backgrounds

Video conferencing has become a great way to connect with our friends and family as we practice social distancing and flatten the curve. So, we want to make your time at home and your Zoom parties more exciting by offering free downloadable virtual backgrounds that transform your living space into a circular haven and turning […]

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Yurt Planning

Helpful Ways to Finance Your Pacific Yurt

We have always been proud of our reputation as the premier manufacturer of environmentally friendly yurts that are as economically beneficial as they are efficient. That noted, even if you are ready to buy a yurt, you may be looking for ways to finance one. The great news is that, with just a small percentage […]

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Yurt Uses

Renting Your Yurt: Where to List Your Rental Online

More Pacific Yurt owners are finding unique and lucrative ways to increase the already excellent ROI on their circular dwellings. Fortunately, new apps and online rental sites like Airbnb, Hipcamp, and others are making it easier to make money from your yurt by offering user-friendly platforms to those with an entrepreneurial mindset looking to move […]

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