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Five Relaxing Romantic Yurt Getaways in Oregon

Yurts offer the luxury and comfort of traditional hotels with the benefit of reconnecting couples with nature. Yurts are personal, cozy and more affordable than staying at a hotel. Their welcoming environments help couples connect with the natural and romantic world around them, as well as each other. Their comfortable spaces keep people warm, with […]

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Yurt nestled at Powder Mountain
Yurts in the News

How to Find a Yurt to Stay in Near Me

A yurt vacation is unlike any other getaway. Staying in one of our round spaces—even if it’s only for a few days—brings feelings of serenity and community. Everyone can make conversations and play music with equal voices, making gatherings with family and friends feel truly special. Yurts also keep you warm and dry as you […]

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Yurt Maintenance

How Long Do Yurts Last?

One of the most common myths surrounding yurts is that they don’t last very long. When properly maintained, these unique structures can provide comfortable and secure spaces for decades to come. The longevity of your yurt depends on a number of factors. First, where will your yurt live? A yurt in the hot California desert […]

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Yurt Maintenance

How to Deal With Moisture in Your Yurt

Yurts can stay comfortable year-round, but there’s one problem people who live in cold or wet climates could run into: Moisture. Maybe the windows keep fogging up, the roof experiences condensation, or the air inside feels humid. Mold or mildew might even be a concern. This is a common problem for some yurts, but it’s […]

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Yurt Maintenance

Are Yurts Safe in Storms?

If you live in an area prone to extreme weather conditions, you’re probably wondering how safe you are staying in a yurt during a storm. We know weather is a concern for many yurt owners, and we’ve made sure to engineer a yurt that can withstand extreme weather conditions to comfort your concerns about yurt […]

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WYA yurt resort in British Columbia

The Benefits of Living in Round Spaces

There’s something calming about living in round spaces. Surrounded by curved walls that inspire creativity, the flow is graceful from one area to another. That feeling isn’t new. People have embraced living in round homes for thousands of years. The Alaskan Inuit still occasionally construct domed igloos, which rely on heavily compacted blocks of snow […]

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20' Yurt With Porch Cover
Yurts & Tiny Homes

5 Types of Tiny Homes

For thousands of years, people have found shelter in tiny houses including yurts. Ancient Greek historian Herodotus of Halicarnassus described the first yurts as appearing between 600 BC and AD 300 in Central Asia. Nomadic herders took refuge in the felt-covered tents on steppes, mountains and in the desert. Today, tiny houses are in vogue […]

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