Yurt Uses

Working from Home Meets #Yurtlife in 2021

2020 has forever changed our relationship with remote working. Over the course of a few weeks, homes were converted into home offices and dining room tables doubled as desks. As we’ve adjusted to this work-from-home mentality, most companies have opted to slash their costs by ditching offices altogether. Now, faced with the possibility of working […]

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Yurt Uses

Chefs are Cooking Up Changes with Restaurant Yurts

Yurts are no longer solely reserved for overnight accommodations. They’ve been masterfully transformed into art studios, classrooms, meeting spaces, home offices, and more. Yurts have proven themselves to be useful and versatile spaces. Restaurants are embracing yurts to help manage some of the challenges they face with the pandemic. Now that winter is upon us, […]

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Yurt Vacations

Pacific Yurts We’re Excited About in the New Year

While the turn of the year signifies many things, it is perhaps most famously associated with new beginnings. Inevitably, people all over the world plan to change things come 2021, and this year figures to be no different. While travel plans and dream destinations might look a little different than usual due to COVID-19, there […]

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Customer Stories

4 Families that Exemplify #Yurtlife

Apart from being popular glamping options and wilderness retreats, yurts are becoming even more common among families who are embracing the circular lifestyle. There are many reasons families choose yurt living, including wanting to minimize their carbon footprint, simplify their lifestyle, live close to the outdoors, and more. Few structures are as durable, customizable, or […]

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Yurt in the desert.
Yurts in the News

Pacific Yurts News Round Up: October 2020

We always appreciate reading stories about how our yurts have changed vacationing. So far, we’ve read articles promoting various yurt destinations visitors can reserve to get away from crowds while taking advantage of nature and how our structures have changed the camping landscape by offering affordable lodging solutions.  From locally trusted Oregon publications  to nationally-known […]

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how to make a yurt kitchen
Yurt Planning

Expert Tips for Adding a Kitchen to Your Yurt

Over the years, Pacific Yurt owners have found creative ways to improve and expand their yurt dwellings. These improvements range from adding new additions to building porches and increasing the dwelling space. Perhaps most common among yurt owners is the addition of a kitchen, which can transform a yurt into a more functional circular living […]

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Accessible yurt rental in Oregon
Yurt Vacations

5 Accessible Yurt Camping Destinations in Oregon

Thanks to recent efforts by prominent State and National Parks and other key outdoor organizations in Oregon, accessibility and inclusivity in the outdoors have continued to increase. Campgrounds have started to establish ADA compliant and friendly structures that ensure anyone can enter the wilderness without restriction or difficulty. For families and nature lovers seeking an […]

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