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Yurt Planning

Choosing the Perfect Yurt Platform and Flooring

While yurts are relatively simple to construct, there is one decision involved in the process that will always require some focused attention and a little expertise. This decision has to do with choosing yurt flooring. For first-time yurt buyers and for those looking to upgrade or re-do their current yurt finishes, this question comes up […]

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24' Glamping Yurt Interior
Yurt Vacations

How to go Glamping in Style on Your Next Yurt Vacation

Have you heard of glamping? This newer term combines “glamour” and “camping” to describe a trend in outdoor enjoyment, namely camping in luxury. While the word glamping is fairly new, dating to 2005, the idea of camping in luxury is not. Sixteenth-century Ottoman sultans enjoyed lavish feasts and theatrical performances in richly decorated pavilion tents. In the […]

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Pacific Yurts - Adventure Sports Journal Cover
Yurts in the News

Pacific Yurts Featured in Adventure Sports Journal

Adventure Sports Journal recently featured a nice article all about Pacific Yurts; how we started and how we fit into the growing ecotourism market. Here’s an excerpt: The rise of ecotourism means resorts are the fastest growing segment of Pacific Yurt’s business. “A lot of campgrounds and sustainable lodges want a light footprint, and visitors […]

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24' Yurt Vacation Cabin
Yurt Planning

Are Yurts Portable?

A common question we get from people in their initial research stage of purchasing a yurt is whether or not our yurts are portable structures. The short answer to this question is ‘yes’; however, we like to give our customers a little more information when we answer this to ensure clarity. Because our yurts are […]

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