Businesses measure their success in any number of ways. But the biggest win? Seeing customers thrive after using your product.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the Pacific Yurts team was thrilled to read the USA Today 10Best list of the top 10 glamping locations of 2024 and find two of our customers in the top half of the list. 

These customers’ stories don’t just show the power of yurts to help turn glamping sites into must-visit destinations. They also highlight some of the specific strengths of yurts, such as their durability in various climate conditions and the way they help businesses cater to whatever type of experience guests are looking for. 

Learn more about these glamping destinations, and how they made the list, below.

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Treebones Resort

Right off scenic Highway 1 in California’s iconic and breathtakingly gorgeous Big Sur, Treebones Resort offers guests the chance to relax, take in a sunset, and enjoy the natural beauty of California’s Central Coast – all from the comfort of a cozy, elegant yurt. For over 20 years, 16 mid-sized and large Pacific Yurts have sat on a hillside at Treebones overlooking the glittering Pacific Ocean, demonstrating not only that yurts can provide both comfort and connection with nature, but also their long-term durability in the face of strong, salty ocean winds

From USA Today:

“During a stay in one of their spacious yurts, guests can catch a spectacular sunset from their private redwood deck, while the property’s autonomous tents offer marvelous ocean views alongside a private bathroom and fire pit.”

From Treebones Resort:

“Our goal when designing Treebones was to perch lightly on the land. We didn’t want to flatten it or pave it. We wanted to build something environmentally friendly. When we discovered yurts, we bought just one at first. We installed it here at Treebones, our whole family fell in love with it, and our dream started becoming a reality.”

John Handy, co-founder, Treebones Resorts

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Sky Ridge Yurts

A Pacific Yurts customer for more than a decade, Sky Ridge Yurts in North Carolina sits in the number-one spot on the USA Today list. It’s no mystery why – with seven Pacific Yurts ranging from 20 to 30 feet in diameter and equipped with plenty of amenities, Sky Ridge offers a comfortable home base for adventures in the Great Smoky Mountains to guests with a wide variety of accommodation preferences.

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From USA Today:

“Whether guests spring for the three-person Santeelah or six-person Fontana, each [yurt] comes equipped with cooking areas, full baths, and both heating and air conditioning.”

From Sky Ridge Yurts:

“Our yurts often specifically attract travelers who have a more adventurous spirit and who want something a little more rustic and remote but still comfortable – the exact kind of traveler that’s becoming more common in the glamping era.”

Melissa Little, founder, Sky Ridge Yurts
Sky Ridge Yurts founder standing outside a yurt.
Sky Ridge Yurts founder Melissa Little takes in some fresh air from the entryway to one of her popular yurts.

It’s a Great Time to Be a Glamping Operator

If there’s one takeaway from the USA Today 10Best list on top glamping sites, it’s that we’re currently experiencing the golden era of glamping. The sites on this list span every corner of the United States, offer a wide variety of experiences, and were selected by experts and readers alike. And a report from Grand View Research puts the annual growth rate of the glamping business at 8.7% over the next six years. This means that, if you’re already a glamping operator, you’re in a great position to grow your business. If you’re thinking of starting a glamping business, or you’re currently running a traditional campground but might like to expand into glamping accommodations, there has never been a better time to take the plunge.

Another takeaway from the list is that yurts are one of the best ways to take advantage of this glamping boom. The two Pacific Yurts customers mentioned here both, of course, include yurts in their offerings, but they weren’t the only businesses on the list to do so. Yurts are popping up at glamping destinations everywhere. Is it time to build one at yours?

Congratulations to Treebones Resort and Sky Ridge Yurts for this exciting honor. To any glamping operator looking to add yurts to their offerings – and maybe even make the 2025 list – take the first step by designing your own yurt in our Yurt Builder.