Yurts are no longer solely reserved for overnight accommodations. They’ve been masterfully transformed into art studios, classrooms, meeting spaces, home offices, and more. Yurts have proven themselves to be useful and versatile spaces. Restaurants are embracing yurts to help manage some of the challenges they face with the pandemic. Now that winter is upon us, these same restaurants and bars have wrestled with being able to serve their customers in a comfortable space while doing so safely. Cue yurt dining. 

How Are Yurts Being Used In Restaurants Right Now?

You might have noticed restaurants starting to build small structures outside their establishments. They are just big enough to fit a table, a handful of chairs, and some hungry guests. These small yurt-like structures are ideal for keeping restaurant-goers safe. Yurts for restaurants can vary in size depending on the amount of outdoor space allotted to each business. The walls create a barrier between each party that helps restrict unnecessary exposure. 

What if a yurt is out of your restaurant’s budget? Some restaurants owners have opted to join forces to create a shared space for each of their establishments to host guests. It’s a great and affordable place to start if you’re restricted by a budget and new to using yurts for business

Yurts are allowing restaurants to create unique and safe spaces to serve their guests. People across different industries are using yurts creatively for their businesses. Restaurant owners interested in introducing yurts to their dining space can take inspiration from these cases. Keep reading to learn about how Pacific Yurts can help your restaurant elevate its dining experience. 

Yurt Village Dining at The St. Regis Deer Valley

Pacific Yurts is thrilled to share the news about the opening of Yurt Village at The St. Regis Deer Valley. This luxe mountain resort is beloved by ski buffs and visitors from all over the world. Offering warmth, elegance, and rustic style, the Yurt Village consists of three Pacific Yurts. With intricate lattice work, windows overlooking the stunning view of the Wasatch Mountains, and acrylic stargazing domes, it’s a dining experience like no other.

And we haven’t even mentioned the exquisite food! We invite you to learn more by visiting the Dining Collection at The St. Regis Deer Valley.  

This is just one fabulous example of how yurt restaurants are popping up across the country as a solution to dining out while the nation weathers the COVID-19 pandemic. Now you can dine in a luxurious heated yurt. They create a space to eat outdoors while staying cozy and a safe distance from other restaurant guests. Cities and states across the country have granted their restaurants special allowance to add tables on sidewalks and streets, allowing them to safely continue serving customers. Restaurateurs are taking advantage of this to get creative with how they interact with their customer base. 

Yurts and Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is an activity traditionally associated with the warmer summer months. Yurts have stepped into the picture to shake up this idea. They can provide a comfortable space to sip wine in any season. Guests can stay warm in the winter and safely social distance year round. 

What’s more, they also create unique accommodations in wine country. Staying in wine country hotels can be pricey. Yurts usually cost significantly less while maintaining the same comfortability and relaxing environment that is expected at high-end hotels. 

Yurts and Après Ski

Après Ski is a French term used to describe the time that comes after a cold day out skiing. Cabins are traditional, but usually expensive for guests and challenging to maintain. Yurts sit in the perfect middle ground by offering guests an affordable and comfortable place to stay or dine while maintaining minimal general maintenance for owners. Some of the best après skis in America are small but warm spaces near the mountain that are perfect retreats after a chilly day on the slopes.

Restaurant owners can look to these yurts as inspiration for something unique to offer their guests. They provide an isolated and safe space where guests can be sure they aren’t risking exposure. These après ski locations are usually adorned with blankets, heaters, and decorations. Adding some swag can be a fun way to showcase your restaurant’s character and brand. 

Après Ski in a Pacific Yurt, Cue the Champagne

Located at the base of the Park City ski slope is glamor in the round. When Veuve Clicquot Champagne chose to create an après ski lounge, they chose a Pacific Yurt. Montage Deer Valley, a go-to luxe resort in Park City, is the site of this stunning après ski destination. Complete with comfy oversized leather furniture and flannel-upholstered armchairs, guests can curl up in fur blankets next to a beautiful fireplace. 

And let’s discuss the haute cuisine that complements the bubbly! Caviar, smoked fish, black truffle popcorn, cheeses and charcuterie – need we say more? These savory selections pair perfectly with Veuve’s vintages and their Yellow Label or rosé.

This is truly #Yurtlife at a whole new level.

Restaurant Yurts are Delightful Dining Options That Make a Statement

In a time when many people are hesitant to venture outdoors and into public spaces, yurts give restaurants the opportunity to safely host their guests in a warm and cozy environment. Chefs and their staff can get creative when decorating to make their yurts feel like home. Guests are safely separated from others dining in the restaurant and their contact with the restaurant staff is limited, keeping both the guests and workers safe. 

Yurts can make your restaurant stand out against the competitors and allow you to continue to serve your customers. Contact Pacific Yurts today to learn how easy it can be to install a yurt at your restaurant.