Anindor Vineyards YurtWe are excited to share with you that there is a growing connection between modern yurts and some of the best wineries in the country. Why is this exciting? Mainly because they are a perfect pairing! Yurts go beautifully with the pace and pleasantries of vineyards and wineries.

Some are using yurts as lodging for guests on site, which allows guests to stay for several days to rest and enjoy the flavors, while others are using yurts as tasting rooms, often decorating them in an elegant style.

Yurts and Wineries Blend Well Together

Purple grapes in California vineyardYurts and wineries share a peaceful, open characteristic. They are both of the land and the light. Yurt design naturally blends the inside with the outside, with site lines extending up and outward to the countryside.

Modern yurt design makes it easy to feel the connection between it all. Whether you are enjoying a tasting in a yurt or staying over in wine country, spending time in a yurt enhances the experience immensely.

A Yurt Stay in Wine Country

Bradley Vineyards yurt exteriorWe highly recommend the experience of a wine-country yurt. However, we do recommend you connect with the vineyard early in the season, as those offering yurt lodgings are often booked far in advance. We also suggest you clarify with the establishment what is provided or included in the lodging. Some yurt stays are all-inclusive, with luxury bedding and stocked mini-fridges. But others may require you bring your own lanterns or bedding.

Some vineyards have fine dining on site during the summer, but most of the smaller boutique wineries do not. If food is not available on site, take care to map out the area ahead of time, so you don’t have to go without cheese.

Pacific Yurts in Winery Destinations

Enchanting Evening Yurt Tasting RoomWe wanted to share some of the newest winery destinations where our yurts are on site either as guest lodging or as exquisite tasting rooms. Here are some lovely locations featuring Pacific Yurts:


  • An Enchanting EveningThis beautiful wedding destination and winery is located just outside of Little Rock. In addition to a stunning wedding venue and luxury log cabin honeymoon suite, they offer wine tastings in an elegant yurt setting.
  • Dionysus Wine & Brew: A little further north, in Altus, AR, this boutique winery in the Ozark Mountains offers guest glamping in yurts overlooking the Ozark River Valley. They have a tasting room for wine and craft beer and offer home brew kits and supplies.


Anindor yurt exterior and deck

  • Bradley Vineyards: This historic winery near Elkton, OR, offers yurt glamping on the most picturesque site, and a very unique amenity: A vintage record player and vinyl collection. All of this and wine, too!
  • Anindor Vineyards: Also in the Umpqua River Valley, Anindor Vineyards features an elegant yurt tasting room. We love their description of their wine as having a ‘glad-to-be-outdoors’ flavor.


  • Foulplay Farm: The yurt-loving family that owns this charming farm raises heritage chickens and ages their own wine.

Whitestone Winery Yurt in Washington

  • Whitestone Vineyard & Winery: This family-run business in Creston, WA, uses grapes exclusively from Lake Roosevelt Shores Vineyard, which results in a greater tasting wine with amazing flavor.

Share the Experience

As always, we love to hear from our customers about their yurt experiences. On your next visit to a vineyard or winery, ask if their yurts are Pacific Yurts. If so, snap a selfie to share on our Facebook page. We will toast to your exciting retreat!

Whitestone yurt exterior entrance