Cherry Hill Park is more than a premium campground in Maryland for the Gurevich family. It’s their livelihood and their legacy, and for thousands of families from across America and around the world, it’s been a popular camping destination for over 100 years.

History of Hospitality

Jacob and Rose Gurevich established Cherry Hill Poultry Farm right outside of Washington, DC, in 1921. They set up a general store and began letting travelers camp behind the store.

That camping spot grew steadily over the decades, eventually becoming Cherry Hill Trailer Park after World War II and then Cherry Hill Mobile Home Village. Eventually, the business had evolved into Cherry Hill Campcity.

Cherry Hill Park was born in the 1980s as a top-tier destination campground with more of everything guests were looking for – RV space, services, and premium amenities. Since 1921, five generations of the Gurevich family have helped keep the business running. It has even been named Campground of the Year three times by the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC). 

Glamping Amenities Make Memories


The wide variety of Cherry Hill Park accommodations includes yurts that offer unique camping experiences. Also available are standard and premium camping and glamping spots for RVs, tents, and cabins that are perfect whether you’re looking to stay alone, with a group, or with family.

man mini golfing with son

On-Site Activities

Cherry Hill Park boasts numerous resort-style amenities that you wouldn’t expect to find in a private campground. These include two fully stocked fishing ponds, two swimming pools, hot tub and sauna, splash park, 18-hole mini-golf course, golf carts, gem mining, tractor rides, dog-walking service, an on-site café with online ordering, and so much more.

Exploring Washington, DC 

The Cherry Hill Park Express bus ferries guests to downtown Washington, DC, from the campground’s onsite bus depot. Guests can also catch a bus to the College Park station for the DC Metro. 

Cherry Hill Park offers free sightseeing sessions to all guests where knowledgeable concierge staff explain the ins and outs of accessing the sights and monuments.

Washington DC Capitol Building

Exclusive Tours

Cherry Hill Park offers tours exclusively for park guests. These can include a guided night tour to the Washington, DC, monuments and a variety of day tours that vary depending on the time of year.

Yurts for Glamping

Mike Gurevich, owner/general manager, says the family chose to add Pacific Yurts to Cherry Hill Park’s wide variety of accommodations because they offer a unique glamping experience. 

Their guests really love the yurts. “People enjoy having an experience that feels rustic but still offers the comforts of bedding, air conditioning, and modern appliances,” Mike said. “The exteriors are eye-catching and attractive, and we can customize the interiors to our liking.”

In fact, “We are in the process of adding two more because our existing units have been consistently booking out,” he noted.

cherry hill yurt interior

The Pacific Yurts glamping yurts at Cherry Hill Park are 20’ in diameter. They include a queen bed, two bunk beds, electricity, air conditioning, wi-fi internet access, microwave, mini-fridge, and a dining table and chairs. Each has a custom-built porch and entryway. There’s a picnic table, fire ring, and charcoal grill outside, with a wash station and bathhouse both nearby.

Power and Maintenance

Cherry Hill Park uses a standard RV 30 amp pedestal outside each yurt and runs all circuits from that box. Depending on the season, the unit powers a portable AC unit or two small space heaters, plus the mini-fridge, microwave, lights, and outlets.

Yurt sides require little maintenance, but the roof can accumulate dirt and mildew in humid climates like that of the mid-Atlantic, where Cherry Hill Park is located. Even still, “It cleans right up,” Mike says. To clean the top, they apply a commercial product to remove algae, mold, and mildew and then rinse with a pressure washer.

cherry hill yurt quote

Working With Pacific Yurts

Cherry Hill Park uses Pacific Yurts exclusively. “We’ve been working with Pacific Yurts for years and have had positive experiences with the product quality and longevity,” Mike says.

And if there’s one thing the Gurevich family knows, it’s longevity.  

“Things have changed quite a bit since [1921], but I like to believe that our values have stayed the same,” Mike says. We work hard to welcome folks from across the world and the nation and offer every guest the best hospitality and tourism experience possible. Driving around the campground on a beautiful day and seeing people relaxing and smiling is a big reward of what we do.”

Mike’s Advice for Others Considering Yurts

  • Choose the location for your yurt carefully. Cherry Hill Park had to relocate a yurt from next to a forested pond years ago because it attracted intrusive wildlife.
  • Don’t be afraid to invest in your yurt’s interior. “Our guests have responded positively to newer, larger yurts with more premium furnishings,” Mike reports.
  • Spend time installing your yurt properly. The campground invests in quality, custom-built porches and entryways for all of their yurts, “and we’ve never regretted it,” Mike says.

Plan Your Next DC Adventure at Cherry Hill Park

You’ll find Cherry Hill Park in College Park, Maryland. Read their FAQs to learn more about the park and make a reservation by or booking online or calling (301) 937-7116.