The windows of your yurt can have a dramatic impact on your yurt’s interior design. They invite natural light into the space and enhance the overall yurt interior design. Whether your yurt is for personal use or you’re using it to run a business, the windows you choose matter. Here, we’re delving into how a window design impacts a yurt’s overall interior design.

The Importance of Room Window Design

Wooden couch with tan cushions in front of a coffee table and wood fire stove inside a yurt.

The style of windows in your yurt helps determine the general feeling of the space. Think about the kind of environment you want to create then consider how different sizes and styles of windows can be used to enhance that space further.

Do you want as much natural light as possible? Consider broad windows that face east or west. Maybe you want windows of different shapes to give a little more character to your space. You can position your windows to work with the furniture layout too. A large window behind a couch overlooking eye-catching scenery might be perfect for the design.

There are many options for yurt window design ideas. The good news is you’ll be able to find a style that works with your interior design goals.

Yurt Interior & Window Design Ideas

Take Advantage of Natural Light

Small table with books and a lamp under a yurt window with a red vase to the right.

Natural light can work wonders for any space. Glass windows provide an unobstructed view and allow additional light to enter the yurt. The amount of natural light as well as cross-ventilation you get also depends on where the windows are positioned. Additional windows can also supplement the natural light provided by the central dome skylight that is included in every Pacific Yurt.

Enhance the Space with Window Frame Design 

Wooden bench to the left of a yurt window and a kitchen table to the right of the window.

How would a couch look framed by a window? Maybe a window in the kitchen directly above the sink? Think about how windows could be used to frame the space or the view outside. Where do you want people’s eyes to gravitate when they walk into your yurt? Get creative with how you position and choose your yurt windows to create the experience you want to have. You can also customize the window framework on our glass window system. Make your space your own by adding touches such as shelving, paneling, low voltage lights, blinds or curtains. The glass window system also includes a trim kit and removable screen. Each glass window system is manufactured to fit into your new yurt or built to retrofit into your existing Pacific Yurt.

Use Different Window Sizes

Four-seat wooden table with a flower arrangement on top, inside the living space of a Pacific Yurt.

You don’t have to only use one sized window in your yurt. Try incorporating different window sizes with your yurt’s interior design. Different shapes of windows can make the space feel more playful and inviting. They pair nicely with bright colors and furniture. Within our yurts, horizontal windows are often used over a countertop or in a bathroom, while our vertical windows work very well as sidelight windows adjacent to doors. Use our helpful yurt window and door worksheet to properly place your Pacific Yurts’ windows. You can also consider an insulated glass yurt window that offers maximum energy efficiency while providing a gateway to the outdoors.

Pacific Yurts’ Low-E Thermal Glass

Pacific Yurts’ Glass Window System is specifically designed to be as efficient as possible. Our low-E thermal glass is framed with a unique fabric flange for a tight seal that prevents leaks. Our glass windows open or close from the yurt interior, making it a piece of cake to enjoy a fresh breeze. The structural framework for these windows is curved to match the yurt’s radius so you also avoid the awkward flat panel look of other companies.

Personalize Your Yurt’s Interior With Window Design

Yurt windows are not a one-size-fits-all model. You can style your yurt windows to cater to your personal style or any design theme you’re encompassing in the yurt. Think about natural light, shapes, sizes, and location when deciding what kind of yurt window to include, knowing that the style you choose could dramatically impact your yurt’s interior design.

Check out your window placement options in the yurt window and door worksheet. If you still have questions, we’re here to help.