The events facility and retreat at Paradise Cove at Lake Grapevine offers full-service weddings, space for parties and events, and more. This family-owned and operated business in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas has been operating for over twenty years. We are happy to highlight the event space and the comfortable accommodations and amenities this beautiful spot has to offer.

Lake Grapevine’s Year-Round Beauty

Autumn trees over Lake Grapevine.

Grapevine, Texas, sits along the Cross Timbers region of the Great Plains. Spanning from Mexico all the way to Canada, the narrow strip of land divides the Blackland Prairie in East Texas from the grasslands in the West.

This geography creates not only a water source that feeds into the lake but also stunning landscapes, plus flora and fauna rarely seen in the rest of the state. The area is also one of the largest and most diverse bird migration flyways. Suffice it to say, guests of Paradise Cove relish in Lake Grapevine’s year-round beauty and countless recreational activities.

Pacific Yurts as a Lodge Accommodation

One of the glamping options guests can book at Paradise Cove is a luxury yurt nestled between Grapevine and Southlake, right on the shores of the lake. Glamping is still all the rage, and it looks like the trend is here to stay. So to break up the monotony of treehouses, trailers, and cabins, owner and operator Tina Crawford threw a yurt into the mix of her overnight hideaway rentals.

Tan Pacific Yurt at Paradise Cove at Lake Grapevine.

Impressing Guests

A yurt is certainly a different lodging option. However, Crawford says, “Guests usually react with excitement because of the uniqueness and because of the private setting.”
Guests can see deer venturing out at sunset, then spend evenings sitting by a private lakeside fire pit, roasting marshmallows, sipping drinks, or star-gazing as the embers flutter into the sky.

Crawford did substantial research before deciding to offer one of these traditional nomadic homes. This included staying in one in Arkansas, which was manufactured by Pacific Yurts. At that point, she was sold.

Yurt Maintenance and Amenities

Aside from being an extraordinary lodging experience, yurts are surprisingly low-maintenance—a major plus for hosts like Crawford. Not only that, but they’re suitable year-round in warm or cold weather.

Luxury yurt amenities offered at Paradise Cove include 24/7 electricity, which powers lights, heat, air conditioning, and a mini fridge with a freezer. Guests also have a private bathroom with a shower, soap, fresh towels, and other bathing essentials.

There’s a queen bed and a full-size sleeper, complete with cozy bedding, blankets, and pillows. The yurt has twin cots with sleeping bags and pillows as well. Lodgers can enjoy meals at the dining table or take the two provided coolers down to a fully shaded picnic area.

During the day, they can swim, kayak, fish in the lake, or head to a local winery in town. Paradise Cove also has lots of activities for passing the time indoors and outside, including board games and corn hole.

A queen bed and a full-size sleeper, complete with cozy bedding, blankets, and pillows inside a Pacific Yurt.

Yurt Upgrades

For yurt lodgers wanting to optimize their experience, Paradise Cove hosts are happy to accommodate upgrades and special requests. This may include creating a shaded area in a designated spot, reserving nearby parking, or setting up an easily accessible hose connection.

Yurt Lodging Tips from Paradise Cove

If you’re looking to add a yurt as a guest space to your event space here are a few tips from Tina and the Paradise Cove team:

  1. Create a shaded area: Having a shaded area, such as the picnic area at Paradise Cove, is a great way to encourage guests to enjoy the outdoor surroundings.
  2. Have parking: For any lodging experience, especially one located near an event space, having plenty of parking can make or break a guest’s experience.
  3. Have a hose connection: With so many outdoor activities, like fishing, hiking, and kayaking, within reach, having a hose connection is a nice amenity for guests so they can easily keep their outdoor gear clean.
Two woven hammocks strung between trees at a campground.

Book Your Yurt Stay at Paradise Cove

Paradise Cove offers a special glamping experience at one of the regions leading urban wildlife habitats. The retreat’s glamping experiences are so cherished and highly reviewed by guests that they’re often booked through the entire year by people from all over the world. If you’re looking for your next weekend getaway visit Paradise Cove! Fill out their online form with questions about availability and accommodations, or book your stay on VRBO, Expedia, or Tripadvisor.