If you’re planning an upscale getaway, try a rejuvenating vacation at Savage River Lodge in Frostburg, Maryland. You’ll find yourself surrounded by luxury on a property with boundless beauty and endless indulgences like award-winning cuisine and WEB_Savage-River-Lodge-Select-Registry-Lodge-exterioran excellent wine list at their rustic retreat. While the lodge itself is an architectural marvel made with sustainable lumber, Savage River also has eight Pacific Yurts on its property situated in the heart of more than 700 acres of state forest.

We spoke with Emily Newman-Edwards about the unique ways Savage River Lodge’s yurts immerse their guests in the natural tranquility of their environment. For nearly a decade, she’s been lucky to facilitate that experience as an interior designer for their eight luxury yurts. She’s since elevated Maryland’s lodging experiences for those seeking relaxing retreats, glamping getaways, business outings, and weddings of all kinds. Here’s their story and how they chose Pacific Yurts as their go-to option for new and exciting guest lodging.

The Savage River Lodge Yurts Were Born

WakeUpYurt_2188Owners Jan Russell and Mike Dreisbach needed a quick and affordable solution to fit the demand of their business. Before opening their first yurts in 2014, guests had to scramble to get a coveted spot in one of the lodge’s cabins. They decided to add luxury yurts to their property after staying in different locations while traveling around the Western United States.

Jan and Mike were encouraged to visit Pacific Yurt’s facility in Cottage Grove, Oregon because of the trusted reputation they saw online. They were immediately impressed by the quality of their products and knew their yurts could withstand Maryland’s harsh weather. Two months later, the yurts arrived without a hitch.

She tells us the actual assembly process was simple. The hardest part was making it through the red tape the insurance companies put up to approve construction. When the lodge received permits, workers were able to create a solid rhythm to build one platform with an exterior deck and assemble one yurt in about a week. By the following spring, all eight yurts were in business. It was a breeze

Enjoy a Luxury Yurt Vacation in Maryland

Newman-Edwards sees the yurt experience as the epitome of glamping in the U.S. Their team prides itself on delivering highly-refined hospitality for every guest and making sure their stay is an unforgettable experience. Today, Savage River Lodge’s lodging options are regularly booked solid by travelers from every part of the country and abroad.Yurt_BedNight_0562

They divided their yurts into two villages to offer maximum privacy—four yurts on the eastern and four on the western sides of the property. Each yurt has instant access to recreational activities like hiking, biking, and fly-fishing just beyond the front door. If you prefer to have a night in, you can enjoy luxurious amenities like a skylight, fireplace, heated floor and cozy king-sized bed. As added bonuses, they also offer soothing massage packages, cheese & wine specials, art & nature tours and more around the lodge.

She tells us their guests love how the yurt dome gives the room a celestial glow in the late afternoon. Their visitors also appreciate the sense of nature and wildlife surrounding their yurts. More than anything, they love the comfort and interior design found in each circular structure. She often forgets how luxurious and relaxing they are. And if she were a guest, she would never want to leave.

How to Reserve a Savage River Lodge Yurt

YurtsIn addition to their eight yurts, Savage River Lodge offers a series of rustic log cabins with a few providing unique forested views of the landscape. The lodge itself is perfect for weddings, business retreats, and large group events, and acts as the heart and soul of the property. In between activities or enjoying delectable award-winning American cuisine at their restaurant, you can relax in the main hall and enjoy a calm fire while drinking a glass of wine in a large comfortable leather chair.

We are proud to learn that our yurts are providing upscale lodging experiences for their customers. You can surround yourself in tranquility and relaxation by reserving a Savage River Lodge yurt either online at www.savageriverlodge.com or by calling 301-689-3200.

Savage River Lodge is located at 1600 Mt. Aetna Rd., Frostburg, Maryland. We look forward to seeing you there.