Yurts are an excellent way to live an economical lifestyle without sacrificing the traditional comforts of home. Often, Pacific Yurts are assembled in pristine natural locations, where visitors and owners alike are encouraged to take advantage of their surroundings by gardening, hiking, and homesteading. 

Pacific Yurts can also make incredible luxury destinations by allowing travelers to immerse themselves in picturesque settings while staying in a uniquely designed structure during a glamping getaway. Whether you’re looking to pick your next must-see vacation spot, or you’re simply looking for inspiration in building your very own yurt, here are a few of the inspiring luxury Pacific Yurts you have to see. 

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1. Coastal Magic in a Luxury Yurt – Surry, Maine 

When Sharon Minogue came into nearly 90 acres of land on Maine’s iconic Patten Bay in Surry, there were few doubts that she and her husband would retire there. The real question was, however, centered on finding a way to build a sustainable structurewithout impacting the fragile landscape in the region. Understandably, the Minogue’s settled on a yurt (or, rather, two yurts linked by a breezeway) for its adaptability, low-impactful build, and free-flowing interior. The result is a well-designed double luxury yurt that’s as efficient and practical as it is trendy. It features a freestanding bathtub with jets, floors with radiant heating, and a water-facing view from a wraparound porch. Altogether, their two yurts are a shining example of how a well-designed circular home can function as the ultimate retirement dwelling or the perfect glamping destination for travelers stopping over in Maine. 

2. Treebones Resort – Big Sur, California 

The Treebones Resort in Big Sur, California offers a collection of elegantly furnished Pacific Yurts that perfectly blends luxury with the outdoors to deliver premier glamping and living experiences. Their high-end yurts provide visitors the chance to witness the beauty of the California coast with the comfort of a queen or king bed to greet you in the evenings. Each circular structure also includes a deck overlooking the ocean and an interior that’s elegantly designed and equally comfortable. Other notable Treebones attractions include a farm-to-table restaurant, a yoga studio, and a full-service massage center. Set on one of the most iconic coastlines in the world, these yurts are pristine examples of luxury vacations with a low environmental impact. A must-visit for couples planning a romantic getaway in the Golden State or for those looking for inspiration for their own luxury yurt at home. 

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3. Stay Nantahala – Topton, North Carolina

Located in the iconic Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina, Lakes End offers a premium natural experience in the heart of some of America’s most beautiful wilderness. Their Pacific Yurts put the glam in glamping by including full kitchens with stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors, flat-screen TVs, and a creekside porch that comes with a hot tub and firepit! These luxury yurts are reservable for as low as $125 per night, making them an affordable option while still offering high-end comfort. Other perks offered at Lakes End include boat rentals, a full-service marina, and an adventure store with all of the boating, camping, and glamping supplies you could ever need, making it an ideal location for a family glamping retreat.

4. Orca Island Yurts in Alaska 

In terms of untouched wilderness, perhaps nowhere is as sought after as the great state of Alaska. The Pacific Yurts at Orca Island Cabins offer some of the best waterfront views in the United States. Most yurt rentals also include large and private decks with barbecues and comfortable Adirondack chairs for hanging out after a long day of recreation. Each yurt also includes room for up to four people that are equipped with a full-size dining and living area. Built with sustainability in mind, the yurts at Orca Island include solar power and a kitchen with a propane range to ensure your glamping trip is as environmentally friendly as it is beautiful! Prices for these yurts start at $690 per night for two guests. Reservations fill up quickly, so be sure to get your next yurt vacation on the books soon! 

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We are always excited to see how our customers share their inspiring luxury yurts with travelers and glamping enthusiasts so others can experience their inventiveness. Looking for other luxury yurts beyond our four recommendations here? Visit our Yurt Vacations page to find a high-end glamping destination or to find other inspirations for your own circular structure.

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