Pacific Yurts is the leading international yurt supplier because we make it easy for our global customers to get the yurt of their dreams by working closely with them. This means you can find our premium structures in countries like New Zealand, Japan, the UK, and many other places beyond the US where our customers use them as luxury ski retreats, quaint B&B yurt rentals in the English countryside and for many other purposes. 

Whether you’re looking for inspiration to step up your yurt game, considering a move abroad, or curious about shipping a yurt internationally, we’re offering a virtual Tour de Pacific Yurts by highlighting a few of our favorite circular dwellings from around the world to start your journey. 

1. Snowball Chalet – Japan 

Snowball Chalet is an idyllic mountainside ski resort situated in Japan’s Madarao Village. Their “Luxury Suite” is actually a 30-foot Pacific Yurt with extravagant comfort, Japanese style furnishings, and a custom fireplace made by a 200-year-old samurai sword manufacturer. It’s located just 300 feet from the nearest ski lift and includes places you can leave your equipment as well. 

In addition to spectacular mountain views from the comfort of this cozy Japanese yurt, the Snowball Chalet also offers regional tours of the Madarao Village, including treks to the famous Snow Monkey hot springs, sake brewery tours, and excursions to some of Japan’s oldest temples. Just two hours from Tokyo, Madarao Village is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike to ski, snowboard, and partake in Madarao’s excellent cuisine. If you’re planning a trip to Japan, you can make a reservation on the Snowball Chalet’s website

2. Vision Quest Yurts – Mexico  

Airbnb yurt in Mexico

Vision Quest’s fantastic group of Pacific Yurts are located just two hours from Mexico City. They offer a beautiful natural escape by being close to San Simon el Alto’s floral painted and colorful rolling hillsides, which you can view from any of their yurt rentals. Their minimalist designs let you or a group relax in a setting free of noise in an environment that provides you with everything you’d need for a meditative weekend away. You won’t find televisions or other electronics in the Vision Quest yurts, but there is wifi available in case you need to connect. 

Vision Quest allows single party bookings and groups of up to 40 people, making it an ideal place for a family reunion, group gathering, or a large retreat in Mexico. Bookings can be made on Airbnb, and start at just $46 per night!  

3. The Old Piggery Yurts – England 

If you’ve ever dreamed of spending a quiet vacation nestled amongst the rolling English hills, then The Old Piggery is for you. These English Pacific Yurts, affectionately called Saddle Back and Old Spot, can accommodate up to four guests while providing the perfect amount of privacy. Complete with a kitchenette, a dining area, and spacious sleeping quarters, these international yurts are some of Bedfordshire’s finest lodging rentals. In addition to the primary amenities, each yurt comes with full toiletries, deck furniture, and a selection of daily English biscuits and fruit left at your doorstep for your enjoyment. Yurt bookings can be made online at The Old Piggery’s website

 4. Radius Retreat – Canada

Located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies in British Columbia, these yurts offer an authentic natural escape in the Canadian wilderness. Each rustic yurt rental includes a composting toilet, a wood-burning stove, firewood, beds, and a two-burner propane stove (propane not included). Apart from being as close to nature as you can get, the Radius Retreat yurts are located just 4 kilometers from Radium Springs, a world-famous hot spring located inside Kootenay National Park (Banff). Reservations can be made on the Radius Retreat website.

5. Lulastic Yurt – New Zealand 

Yurt in New Zealand

While this isn’t rentable, The Lulastic Yurt is perhaps one of the most well-known international Pacific Yurts. After living in the busy urban region of South London, Lucy AitkenRead, a true naturalist and all-around environmentalist, moved with her husband and two young children to a yurt in the beautiful New Zealand countryside – on an organic farm no less! As a passionate parent and cultivator of healthy living, AitkenRead developed a blog entitled Lulastic and the Hippyshake, where she keeps track of her family’s off-the-grid yurt life. 

AitkenRead spends much of her time offering resources to folks hoping to follow her family’s sustainable yurt living lifestyle. True to her roots and passions, she highlights how her yurt is entirely run on solar and hydropower and cooks meals in her brightly colored yurt kitchen. Learn more about the Lulastic Yurt at their blog.

Pacific Yurts International 

Ready to take your Pacific Yurt abroad? The Pacific Yurts team is here to guide you through the process of buying a yurt and shipping it internationally safely. If you wish to leap into international yurt living, estimates for shipping are available upon request.

We look forward to speaking with you about your future international yurt dreams!