Elegant open yurt kitchen
Interior Design

Yurt Home Decorating Ideas

Yurts’ circular shape gives them instant appeal. Think about it: Corners are the abode of naughty children and dust bunnies. Yurts take corners out of the equation altogether. Many people instantly feel more comfortable upon entering yurts, due to their round form. However, if you don’t know where to start, decorating a yurt might feel […]

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30' Pacific Yurt in Mongolia next to traditional ger

Traditional vs. Modern Yurts – What’s the Difference?

A yurt is a round portable structure with a collapsible wood frame and fabric coverings. Architectural Digest has deemed these unique circular structures “architectural wonders.” Traditional yurts have been in continuous use throughout the region of Central Asia for thousands of years. There are several variations of the basic design and different names used for […]

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