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Yurt Maintenance

How to Keep Your Yurt Cool in the Summer

Climate is an important consideration for all homeowners, including yurt owners. Since ancient times, the Mongolian people have relied on yurts to withstand harsh conditions. In the Mongolia steppes, winter night temperatures often hover around -30°, while summer heat blasts as high as 104° F, and high wind is common. Today, modern yurts are popping […]

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Yurt History
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History of Round Homes: From Mongolian Gers to Modern Yurts [INFOGRAPHIC]

Today’s yurts often serve as recreational rentals and eco-friendly homes. But did you know that they were originally designed as the primary dwellings of ancient nomadic tribes? The Bronze Age rock etchings in Siberia depict the earliest evidence of yurt dwellings, while yurts also served as the primary homes for the fierce Huns warriors in Mongolia […]

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Extra Cozy Yurt Interior

How to go Glamping in Style on Your Next Yurt Vacation

Have you heard of glamping? This newer term combines “glamour” and “camping” to describe a trend in outdoor enjoyment, namely camping in luxury. While the word glamping is fairly new, dating to 2005, the idea of camping in luxury is not. Sixteenth century Ottoman sultans enjoyed lavish feasts and theatrical performances in richly decorated pavilion […]

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30' Yurt Lodge in the mountains
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6 Ways to Generate Revenue for Government Programs with Yurt Kits [CHECKLIST]

Bringing in consistent income requires creativity in all fields, including government. Many government agencies are looking for ways to add income without additional taxation. Recreational opportunities are ideal, as they offer a tangible service. When brainstorming around recreational income, government groups should make sure that yurt lodging is on the list. Yurts are circular structures […]

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Modern yurt bathroom
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Electricity and Plumbing in Your Yurt – What You Need to Know [CHECKLIST]

Yurt living has come a long way since 400 CE. That’s approximately when peoples of the central Asian Steppe began using circular, portable housing now commonly known as yurts. Today, every modern convenience can be built into a yurt, given careful planning. Modern yurts may feature appliances, lighting, heating, plumbing, and even lofts. Through our […]

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