24' Yurt Vacation Cabin

How Safe Are Yurts?

At some point or another, potential owners of yurt homes have a common thought occur to them. How safe are yurts? Sometimes they give us a call about this and sometimes they just get to googling, but inevitably the answer to their question is revealed: Yurts are very safe—especially when yurt owners take the precautions […]

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24' Rental Yurt

Location Spotlight: Yurts on the East Coast

For decades, Pacific Yurts has been a staple of campgrounds and resorts in the Pacific Northwest. For anyone wanting to get away to unplug and soak in the peaceful sounds, sights, smells, and freshness of nature, yurt vacations are an ideal choice. In a yurt, you can relax and unwind in uncluttered simplicity, with minimal […]

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14' Backyard studio yurt

Planning for Your Future Yurt Purchase

For anyone looking to buy a yurt, many questions can arise. How much is this really going to cost? Are there limits to where I can put my yurt? Is this going to change how I live my life? We have found over the decades that discovering the answers to these questions gives our customers […]

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Yurt with breathtaking view
Yurt Maintenance

How to Keep Your Yurt Cool in the Summer

Climate is an important consideration for all homeowners, including yurt owners. Since ancient times, the Mongolian people have relied on yurts to withstand harsh conditions. In the Mongolia steppes, winter night temperatures often hover around -30°, while summer heat blasts as high as 104° F, and high wind is common. Today, modern yurts are popping […]

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Yurt History
Checklists & Infographics

History of Round Homes: From Mongolian Gers to Modern Yurts [INFOGRAPHIC]

Today’s yurts often serve as recreational rentals and eco-friendly homes. But did you know that they were originally designed as the primary dwellings of ancient nomadic tribes? The Bronze Age rock etchings in Siberia depict the earliest evidence of yurt dwellings, while yurts also served as the primary homes for the fierce Huns warriors in Mongolia […]

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