After weeks stuck inside, many folks around the country have gotten creative with how they’re spending their time indoors. If you’re lucky enough to call a yurt your home (or second home), coming up with new and inventive ways to pass the time may feel like a challenge, especially if you have little ones cooped up with you. Luckily for Pacific Yurt owners and aspiring yurt enthusiasts, there are plenty of ways to beat the indoor blues when taking a backyard retreat or family camping trip, which only require common household items. 

Here are six yurt-inspired ways to have fun in your circular dwelling! 

1. Build a paper doll yurt 

If you’re a hands-on crafter, what better way to celebrate your backyard yurt retreat or family camping trip than by creating your very own paper doll yurt? You can collaborate with your family on a single paper doll yurt, or each of you can all do your own! 

Tools needed:

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick


  1. Print the paper doll yurt PDF here.
  2. Carefully cut out the four pieces.
  3. Apply glue to the backside of the tabs on the platform and then fold the tabs upward.
  1. Apply glue to Side Cover Tab A and fasten the short section of side cover onto it.
  2. Apply glue to all of the tabs on the top of the side cover sections and bend them backward.
  3. Carefully glue the side cover around the perimeter of the platform (starting with Side Cover Tab B) so that the platform tabs adhere to the backside of the side cover. 
  1. Apply glue to Side Cover Tab B and adhere to the other end of the side cover onto it.
  2. Apply glue to Top Cover Tab C and adhere to the other end of the top cover onto it.
  3. Carefully adhere the top cover onto the side cover tabs.

2. Make arts and crafts for a yurt-themed gallery

Whether or not you or your family members are creatively inclined, the perfect backyard retreat isn’t complete without some good old fashioned arts and crafts. 

If you tend to lean more towards traditionalism, you can let everyone choose what they draw, paint, write, or sculpt. If you’d like to switch up your routine, think of a few different categories and have each family member draw them out of a hat. Whichever one they pick, they then have to create it through the medium of their choice. Once everyone completes their craft, be sure to do a public showing of each piece, and display them around your circular dwelling from the lattice as a part of your very own gallery. Bonus points if you keep them up all year! 

3. Get centered and enjoy a family meal

Few things are as special as finding the time to sit down with your loved ones for a home-cooked meal, and your circular backyard retreat is the perfect place to put your cooking skills to the test. 

Whether you’re a gourmet chef or a camping cook, there are so many ways to enjoy quality family time while appreciating a quality meal together in a yurt. If your yurt is equipped with a kitchen or cooking space, try getting the whole family involved in the meal prep, whether it’s by crafting intricate pieces of hand-made pasta or simply cutting up vegetables for a stir fry. Better yet, if you have a fire pit at your disposal, grab a package of hot dogs and a few s’mores sticks and spend a night cooking under the stars! Chances are, you’ll all learn something new through the joys of cooking and eating a meal together.

4. Stargaze from your yurt’s dome

One of our favorite things about the yurt is its dome, which allows residents to take in the surrounding beauty of the night sky even without having to step beyond your door. If you’re astronomically inclined, take the chance to point out some of your favorite constellations, or simply ask the younger ones in the group to pick the brightest stars they can find, or try encouraging them to create a constellation map of their very own. Remember, don’t forget to appreciate the vastness and beauty of space from the comfort of your Pacific Yurt. Some of the best memories are made while stargazing with your family from the comfort of your backyard retreat or during a family camping trip. 

5. Utilize your yurt’s extra space for a dance party, family-style

Whether your yurt is equipped with a small speaker, a CD player, or a full-on DJ booth, cranking up the tunes and letting loose on your homemade yurt dance floor is an instant way to release some pent up energy and enjoy one another’s company. Start by planning a high-energy playlist before heading to your backyard retreat, but make sure that everyone gets a say on which songs to include. If you’re as spontaneous as you are extroverted, simply play your music, make room for any needed space, and show off your coolest dance moves! 

6. Play a Pacific Yurts word search game 

If you’re looking for a unique way to engage with your family and still focus on your beloved yurt, the team at Pacific Yurts has put together a series of word search puzzles that are as good for a backyard retreat as they are for a rainy day. Test your yurt vocabulary, and don’t stop until you’ve solved every puzzle!

The Pacific Yurts word searches can be accessed here. 

Family-friendly activities for kids to do in a yurt 

We hope you enjoyed our list of yurt-themed activities. If you have any questions or would like to share your own yurt-spirations, let us know by leaving a comment on our Facebook or Instagram accounts. Enjoy!