16' Office Yurt ExteriorA common question we get from people in their initial research stage of purchasing a yurt is whether or not our yurts are portable structures. The short answer to this question is ‘yes’; however, we like to give our customers a little more information when we answer this to ensure clarity.

Because our yurts are made of durable, state-of-the-art materials and are designed to anchor onto a circular platform, they can be installed in as permanent structures. While they are technically “portable” and can be assembled and dismantled repeatedly, they are designed to be used like a pop-up camping tent.

When considering the purchase of a yurt, think about whether or not you plan to move to a new in the future. If so, it may be beneficial to build one platform so that it can be more easily dismantled and rebuilt at the new location.

Weren’t Portable Yurts Used by Nomads?

Yurt History Map GraphicHistorically, yurts have always been portable structures that are set directly on the ground. A few thousand years ago, a nomadic family living in their yurt (or Mongolian Ger) on the steppes of Central Asia would move regularly. When it came time to relocate for winter or to follow the food sources, the yurt would be dismantled and the parts packed up to be carried on pack animals to rebuild on another site.

Many of today’s yurts were inspired by and are fashioned after these traditional yurts, but offer modern floor plans, amenities, and more. Because modern yurts have retained many of the simple structural elements of traditional yurts, they can still be assembled by a small group of people in a reasonably short amount of time, but are mounted onto a circular platform to secure them to the site and provide a seal around the perimeter.

FAQs About Yurt Set-up & Dismantling

Will I need to hire a professional?

Our yurts are most often installed by their owners. But, some customers prefer to hire a contractor or carpenter build the platform and help with assembling the yurt. Our yurts include a step-by-step installation manual that our customers love, and we are also available to answer any installation questions.

What would I need?

Many people find that when they are initially erecting their yurt, or when moving their yurt, it’s helpful to have at least two to three adults for small yurts or four to five adults for larger yurts. Depending on the size of yurt and optional features chosen, the tools required for the assembly will vary, but the basics include a step ladder, drill, measuring tape and pocket knife. Our installation manual includes a more detailed listing of tools that will be needed.

Be sure to check out our YouTube channel, which includes this time lapse video of the setup of a 24’ Pacific Yurt. The video presents a helpful and quick overview of the process. As always, we welcome any calls or questions you may have about our award-winning yurts.