Interior of a well-furnished and well-maintained mid-sized to large yurt
Yurt Maintenance

Yurt Maintenance: What Operators Need to Know

If you’re like many campsite, glamping, or resort operators, yurts are at least a little new for you. And one of the most common areas where first-time or recent yurt adopters feel out of their element is maintenance. You may feel worried about overspending, being underprepared, or approaching maintenance the wrong way and accidentally damaging […]

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A 30 feet built yurt.
Yurt Planning

Picking Up and Transporting Your Pacific Yurt

You’ve decided to embark on your yurt journey and purchase a Pacific Yurt. Congratulations! Before you can start building your yurt and customizing it, you’ll need to decide whether you’ll be shipping or picking up your new yurt.  How to Ship Your Pacific Yurt We’ll be happy to provide a shipping estimate to your location […]

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