Curtis, Brian, and Loren established Radius Retreat at Radium Hot Springs Village in British Columbia, Canada as an ideal combination of comfortable yurt accommodations and an off-the-beaten-path experience in nature. Radius Retreat is a hike-in only, mountainside retreat that offers home-like yurt lodging for their guests. Visitors stay in a cozy yurt accommodation while having access to all the nature they desire. 

The Radius Retreat team has created a “unique and natural escape” for guests:

Radius Retreat yurt in a green forest.

“It has been incredible learning and growing alongside the land and our community. We always had an ideal of what we thought Radius would eventually evolve into, but we never could have dreamed of the opportunity that this valley and the mountains that we share have given us.” 

Radius Retreat invites visitors to immerse themselves in nature while offering the comforts of home during their stay.

Building Something Different

Two people and a dog sitting on a couch inside a Pacific Yurt at Radius Retreat.

The goal was to create something new and different that would appeal to a wide variety of people. Five years ago, the three founders mentioned yurts in conversation. Most people they spoke with hadn’t heard of the structures, but expressed interest. At that time, they had no idea Radius Retreat would eventually grow into a 1,000-acre plot of explorable wilderness flush with lush green forests, towering mountains, and 12 kilometers of trails. 

For Curtis, Brian, and Loren, yurt structures aligned with the vision they had for Radius Retreat. They mention, “Part of our dream here is to showcase an outdoor lifestyle centered around simplicity, sustainability, and education.” For them, yurts create an immersive experience that no other structure can offer. They are customizable and easy to build anywhere, including deep in the great outdoors.

Pacific Yurts as a Lodge Accommodation

The trio’s personal experience with staying in yurt accommodations at other locations was a huge deciding factor in opting to create yurts themselves. They had stayed in Pacific Yurts elsewhere and loved the quality and the experience of being in the living space. When they began researching their options, partnering with Pacific Yurts was the obvious solution.

Three people sitting around a campfire playing instruments at Radius Retreat.

Advantages of Using Yurts

Radius Retreat could have their yurts built and liveable within one week. Yurts sometimes remove potential hiccups with building codes, as they’re often considered non-permanent structures, which makes obtaining permits easier. They are easier to construct than traditional structures which also allows the team the ability to move them in the future if needed.

To cap it off, yurts are fully customizable. Everything from its platform to locations to colors and decor can be modified to create the perfect natural escape Radius Retreat provides for their guests. They have 9 yurts on the property characterized by their unique design.

Adding In Solar Power

Radius Retreat took their yurt structures one step further by adding solar power. For Curtis, Brian, and Loren, solar power and yurts pair perfectly together. Coupling solar power with yurts allowed them to build further off the grid without being limited by proximity to major roads or grid power.

One of the challenges they found with powering yurts using solar power is keeping the battery bank warm and other equipment protected from Canada’s cold climate. While Yurts may not initially have “storage” or “utility” space for these components, creating this space under the Yurt or in a small outbuilding helps keep the Yurts open and support the team’s goal of stepping further into nature while leaning into their sustainable business model approach.

Yurt Lodging Tips from Radius Retreat

Built-in wood furnace inside a Pacific Yurt at Radius Retreat.

For those considering yurts, the team at Radius Retreat has three important tips to ensure a comfortable and successful yurt lifestyle or business. 

  1. Yurts built in cold climates should have in-floor heating. Utilizing the warmth of a wood boiler or furnace is a huge advantage to the year round comfort of yurts located off-grid. 
  2. Consider building yurts on a raised platform. This allows for extra storage space and protection from weather. Raised yurts also invite a fun treehouse-like experience with beautiful views of the surrounding area. 
  3. Small adjustments to the living space can make all the difference. An upgrade to glass windows can make the yurts feel more like home. They invite more natural light and plenty of air flow. Mounting a ceiling fan can aid in the heating and cooling of the yurt as well, making them comfortable to visit all year round.

Book Your Stay With Radius Retreat

Two people standing on a deck outside of a Pacific Yurt at Radius Retreat.

The Radius Retreat trio lives on their property year round and rents out the other Pacific Yurts to visitors. This shift from city to yurt living proved educational and empowering. Yurts allow them to stay close to nature and live comfortably. 

For more information about Radius Retreat and everything these yurts have to offer, check out their FAQ page. To book your stay with Radius Retreat and learn more about each accommodation visit their rates page.

If you’re seeking to learn more about building a yurt, contact Pacific Yurts today for more information.