One of the best ways to invest in your creative self is to plan a retreat or an artist residency in a location that provokes the imagination. While artist retreats vary in length, location, and focus, these generative periods are often highly beneficial for those who dedicate the time to experience them. They provide solitude, space for reflection, and, most importantly, the chance for uninterrupted time to focus on your expressive work.

The best news? Arranging an artist retreat of your own doesn’t have to be costly or inconvenient. By planning one at a Pacific Yurt, you can inhabit an inherently imaginative space with an emphasis on simplicity and environmental friendliness at a lower cost than many other rental options. 

Here are five compelling reasons to have your next creative retreat in a Pacific Yurt.

yurt-on-the-lakeshore1. Yurts are the perfect creative space to have an artist residency.

Pacific Yurts are designed in a circular format that inspires creative work, making them the perfect lodging solution for your next artist residency or retreat. Working in an area with an established center encourages your brain to slow down its go-go-go processing mechanisms and lets you focus on your art. Since Pacific Yurts provide an abundance of natural light, they’re also a great place for painters and illustrators to sketch and draft their work without the need for artificial light. What’s more, their circular design creates phenomenal natural acoustics that’s ideal for the musician seeking solo rehearsal time away from town.  

2. Yurts are often built in quieter locations that keep artists focused.

Yurts for artists are specifically built in quieter and less distracting areas with acoustics that promote natural sounds. This makes them a prime lodging solution for artists looking to access their imaginative energy in a space that keeps them focused and away from distractions.

3. Yurts are typically located in inspiring natural locations that promote creativity.yurt-in-desert-with-rainbow

Looking for the perfect place to connect with your natural creative energy? A yurt might be the answer. Most Pacific Yurts are set in a serene location that offers artists the chance to awake their creative senses in the solitude of nature. Whether you’re seeking a rustic wilderness experience or a nature-filled stay at a ski resort, there are a plethora of options when it comes to yurts for creatives. All of which also encourage you to embrace the natural world as a part of your process.

4. Yurts are the perfect place to disconnect and stay artistic.

One of the critical aspects of a successful artist retreat is unplugging from the outside world so you can focus on your work. While some yurts offer WiFi and full connectivity, many yurt rentals don’t offer cell service or digital access of any kind. Despite the anxiety this produces in many of us, there’s a reason that yurts for writers, musicians, and artists often don’t include the great temptation of online connection. In fact, this can help to keep you focused on the original work at hand.

artistic-retreat-yurt-at-beach5. Yurts are affordable lodging solutions artists love. 

One of the biggest advantages for artists planning a solo retreat or a residency has to do with affordability. Apart from being relatively inexpensive to buy and build one, Pacific Yurts can be rented across the country for anywhere between $30 – $100 USD a night–depending on your needs. Compared to a hotel, lodge, or other structures available for rent, yurts are a premium option for artists interested in low-cost accommodations that allow you to center in on the artistic process in a more natural way.

Plan your next artist retreat in a Pacific Yurt

We live in a society encouraging original expression, but finding enough time and the right location to dedicate to an imaginative craft can be challenging. With the abundance of social media outlets and the need to feel constantly “connected,” protecting your space is as important as ever. Investing in yourself as an artist is a critical step in the inventive process, one that has a significant impact on the quality of work you produce. 

Looking for a yurt for your next artist residency? Check out Pacific Yurts’ yurt vacations page to find a yurt near you! For more inspiration, check out our top 5 yurts to visit this summer, and start planning the next step in your creative life!