No other home-sharing service has grown like Airbnb. From basic backyard rentals to extravagant mansions, Airbnb has successfully cornered the short-term rental market. Adventure-seekers and last-minute-trip-planners continue to flock to the platform for most (if not all) of their rental needs.

As the platform’s popularity has grown, so has the competition within its variety of listings. While more and more Pacific Yurts are added to Airbnb’s already extensive “unique homes” catalog, the competition between listings has become more intense. This makes it vital to know how to list your yurt in order to attract and retain guests. 

Making Your Yurt Listing Stick

WYA Resort in British ColumbiaSuccessful yurt listings are all about presentation. Your yurt rental might offer a hot tub, WiFi, and a free breakfast buffet, but if you fail to advertise those things, travelers are more likely to book a different yurt. The good news is that Airbnb provides plenty of room for everyone, but you want your yurt listing to stand out on Ad news. And when it comes to creating your listing, there are a few simple strategies for making your rental stand out above the rest. Here are five ways you can make your yurt listing successful on Airbnb. 

1. Create a powerful title and description that represents your yurt.

It can be hard to condense your yurt rental into 50 characters and a few sentences, but the best Airbnb listings have catchy titles and descriptions that attract clicks just like well-written ads. When crafting a title for your rental, avoid redundant location information, and try your best to include descriptive words that show the value of your rental in a succinct manner. Instead of “Outdoor Yurt in Southwest Washington” try something like “Modern Style Yurt in the Heart of WA’s Wilderness.” 

The same rules ap1920px-Walker_Canyon_During_a_Poppy_Super_Bloomply for your description. Descriptions should be succinct and to the point when it comes to outlining your Pacific Yurt. If there’s something unique about your rental that distinguishes it over others, include that here, along with other valuable information travelers may want to know. As for formatting, try to keep your descriptions to simple bullet points, and include details only if they add value. 

Pro tip: Change your title and description seasonally to coincide with well-known attractions if you can. Is your yurt close to skiing? Mention it throughout the winter. Is your yurt near a summer superbloom? Include it. You never know what might catch a traveler’s eye.

2. How to price your Pacific Yurt on Airbnb.

This is often one of the more challenging aspects of the Airbnb listing process. In the end, pricing your yurt is all about measuring the competition and naming an amount you feel is worth it. If you can, try to figure out where the “average” price is for your specific rental type and area. Additionally, Airbnb allows you to price your listing differently for weekends, weekdays, holidays, and seasons, so choose your targets accordingly, and consider a cleaning fee, late check-out fee, or other optional add-ons. You can also price your yurt higher if the date is further out, but don’t be afraid to reduce it if days start to go unbooked. 

If you’re an advanced user or a newbie looking for more muscle power, automated Airbnb pricing tools like Wheelhouse or iGMS can help. These programs help by considering a variety of factors around pricing to maximize profits while maintaining a close eye on market trends and neighborhood competition. 

3. Post quality (and tidy) pictures of your yurt on Airbnb.

Far and away, photos are often the first and last things guests evaluate before deciding to book any yurt. While you don’t 20' yurt exteriornecessarily have to invest in a professional photographer, make sure to include neat, spacious, and bright photos. Always stay away from photos that show unflattering angles of your rental, or images that make your space look small or unclean. Instead, focus on the unique elements of your yurt by showcasing its character with clean, engaging, and colorful pictures that entice guests to visit. 

4. Invest in your Airbnb host profile.

Setting up your host profile can feel like an unnecessary annoyance, but the majority of repeat bookings on Airbnb are from hosts that are open, responsive, and friendly throughout the booking process. Put time into your profile by uploading a family-friendly, high-quality photo and include all of the necessary contact information for renters to reach you. 

Establish your communication cadences up-front–even if it’s difficult to be available 24/7. Make it a habit to be as responsive as possible—responsive and friendly hosts are always the first to win bookings from the competition. Also do your best as a guest and a host to write thoughtful, positive reviews in order to establish yourself as a dependable Airbnb host. 

5. List your yurt amenities in full (and be honest).

Glamping yurt with queen bed and sofa at Rancho PoquitoNothing separates the best from the rest like a complete list of amenities. Nothing also spoils your guests’ experiences like false advertising. If there’s a six-foot hot tub on your yurt property, don’t refer to it as a pool. If your shower unit offers only cold water, be sure to point that out. Yurts are among the most eco-friendly dwellings in the world today, so highlighting the environmental friendliness of your yurt home, including sustainable gardening or recycling practices, is another essential piece to your listing. Creating a phenomenal guest experience is all about quality and expectations. Being honest about what your yurt offers will ensure your guests are getting exactly what you offer, and nothing less. 

Listing your Pacific Yurt on Airbnb

In the end, ensuring your listing is as honest and friendly as possible is critical to your success as an Airbnb host. If you have trouble throughout the listing process, Airbnb’s team of dedicated host helpers are there to make your journey to becoming an all-star host as simple and pleasant as possible. 

Ready to become an Airbnb host and want to learn how to choose and buy a yurt? Contact us if you have additional questions about yurt rentals or if you would like suggestions on where to stay for your next adventure. 

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