24' Pacific Yurts State Park CampingBringing in consistent income requires creativity in all fields, including government. Many government agencies are looking for ways to add income without additional taxation. Recreational opportunities are ideal, as they offer a tangible service. When brainstorming around recreational income, government groups should make sure that yurt lodging is on the list.

Yurts are circular structures first used by the Mongolians. For thousands of years, these nomadic peoples have traveled with their yurts as they moved their herds to greener pastures. Today, yurts have taken on many additional roles beyond mobile housing for troops. They may be used for camping, retreat centers, meeting halls, and more.

Governments who seek fresh, consistent income streams can turn to yurts. Completed in a day or two, yurt construction is fast. Recreational agencies will find that yurts are cost-efficient ways to bring in monies even during the off-season, when tent camping is unpalatable for many. From luxurious Glamping to rustic backcountry accommodations, yurts are versatile enough to fit any resort or park. Visitors will marvel at their yurt’s abundant natural light and intimate connection to nature. Return yurt bookings are common; many parks find their yurts are booked months in advance, for reliable income all year long.

Take a look at six ways government agencies can generate income through yurts, and
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