Our new Custom Curve Glass Window System - © 2011 Pacific Yurts Inc.In 1978, we became the first company to produce a modern yurt. Since then, we’ve innovated continually, adding many design improvements over the years. In the ’80s we introduced dome skylights, water catchment systems, and NASA-quality insulation. The ’90s saw our development of yurt French doors, yurt perimeter gutters, and ceiling fan supports. And in the new millennium we have added screen doors, window awning frames, and the glass window system.

Imagine yurt windows—fabric flaps come to mind, right? Indeed, this is often the case—and many of our customers do not mind this rustic arrangement. For those who only stay in Pacific Yurts seasonally, fabric windows often suffice. However, other customers prefer conventional glass windows in their yurts. Although we had built prototypes in the early 80’s, we hadn’t had much demand until decades later. After fielding customer requests for window enhancement, we developed our glass windows.

Adding a regular window was akin to putting a square peg in a round hole—it was possible, but it resulted in an odd flat panel appearance. Until, our designers invented the industry’s first rounded window frames in the glass window system.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of our innovative window design.

Glass Window System: A Leap Ahead in Yurt Design

Each window features a fully engineered wood frame surrounding energy efficient low-E thermal glass. Those who are looking to build energy efficient yurts will delight in the way these windows let in the light without squandering energy to heat loss. When the weather is delightful, you can open each window from the inside, while a screen will keep bugs out.

The window design delivers both performance and style. Our innovative fabric flange makes the glass window conform to the yurt’s circular shape and includes three trim color choices: Bronze, White or Tan. Finally, they are generously sized, at 48” wide by 39” high and are compatible with new or existing yurts.

Environmental Benefits

Glass window systems feature Low-E thermal glass, for the ultimate in energy efficiency. Additionally, the flange creates a strong seal, barring harsh weather. Finally, the frame supports are constructed of Douglas fir harvested from sustainably managed second growth forests.

Visual and Design Appeal

Attract resort visitors, or enhance your personal retreat.

Open Our Windows from the Inside

Yurts are appealing for their versatility; they may be placed nearly anywhere, even places where traditional construction would be challenging or impossible. Depending on location, windows may be difficult to access from the outside. For example, steep slopes and high platforms can make opening external windows a real trial. Our windows may be opened internally, making it a piece of cake to enjoy a fresh breeze.


Add shelving, window treatments, and wood panels for a unique look. Turn your yurt into a true home away from home by customizing your windows.

Connection to Nature

Many people opt for yurts because they want to feel more connected to nature. Glass window systems allow anyone to enjoy the sights of nature even during inclement weather.

Clear View

These windows are mounted into a Douglas fir framework. This eliminates the need for the structural lattice that otherwise obstructs window views. Visitors will delight in the unhindered view of wildlife and natural landscapes from inside the yurt.

We founded Pacific Yurts with the goal of bringing people closer to nature while minimizing their impact on it. Glass window systems make yurt lovers at home in nature by making yurts more comfortable, enjoyable, and energy efficient. Contact us for more information on how window system can enhance your yurt.

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