Outdoor recreation and visiting your favorite yurt destinations may require some adjustments as we manage the pandemic through the summer. And with reopenings and state restrictions relaxing, it’s essential to know how to travel safely and which options are available when planning a socially distanced weekend away in nature or a glamping trip.

What to do before heading out 

First, we encourage you to follow all social distancing guidelines and meet any of the requirements asked by hosts or booking platforms ahead of any reservation. We also know that being outside is an essential activity for many, and that yurt vacations play a significant role in those experiences. Additionally, be mindful of the community you’re visiting, check local requirements and visit your rental’s website or social media pages for immediate updates before heading out. 

How to find a secluded yurt

Tired of being in the city? There are plenty of yurt rentals in secluded areas that take you into unforgettable locations and place you at the center of nature. If you’re looking for an off-the-grid vacation, we recommend using our Yurts Vacations Tool and browsing by yurts in your state or preferred destination. Lodging platforms like Airbnb and others also have notable reservations in more isolated regions that make it easier to escape for a weekend of recreation or a solo trip outdoors. We recommend checking out the following yurts if you’re planning a more secluded summer vacation: 

Where to reserve a glamping yurt

Luxury yurt with a comfy bed perfect for glamping.

Camping and glamping focused online booking services like Hipcamp and Glamping Hub are experiencing a boost in traffic from eager travelers looking to socially distance in natural luxury. Their selection of yurts has long been a go-to for the glamping world, making them an ideal platform to use if you’re looking to get out of the house while staying off the grid. They also offer plenty of luxury yurt destinations that allow you to escape for a weekend of comfort and tranquility. You can also find high-end yurt resort rentals on our Yurt Vacations Tool or by making a reservation directly through a business’ website. Here are a few recommendations on where to glamp in the summer of 2020: 

Yurts for family vacations 

There’s nothing quite like a family vacation in a yurt. Staying in a yurt doesn’t require any setup time, they’re spacious, and there are plenty of family-themed yurt activities to do that make your time away from home more fun. Family-friendly yurt rentals have also become abundant on Airbnb and are offered as rentals from private owners. Campgrounds have also embraced the yurt, with many offering accommodations from rustic yurts to high-end circular dwellings. Planning a family vacation? Check out these family-friendly yurt rentals: 

State parks & campground yurt rentals 

Family friendly yurt at a campground.

If you’ve kept your annual camping dates hoping things would reopen, you may be in luck. Some states are now granting limited access to recreational or outdoor areas, with some parks reopening their gates to hikers, campers, and day-trippers. However, many State Parks in Oregon with yurt rentals are delaying their openings due to the coronavirus. 

How do you know if a campground is open? Visiting your State Parks’ or campground website is one of the best ways to learn if a yurt is available to rent. The State & National Parks system also offers excellent search and reservation tools that are easy to use. Additionally, they publish up-to-date information regarding COVID-19 guidelines and reopenings that make it safer and more comfortable to visit a yurt over the summer. Again, many parks in your area may not have yurts available quite yet and most parks may only offer limited services at some campgrounds. Here are a few campground yurts offering reservations currently:  

How to camp or visit a yurt safely during COVID-19

As you’re planning a summer yurt retreat, keep in mind that the ongoing pandemic will continue to play a role in our daily lives well into the fall. Therefore, it’s essential to consider and review each piece of advice before leaving for a trip provided by your state and the rental you’re visiting.

As restrictions ease, we should continue following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) parks and recreation guidelines on how to protect yourself and others from COVID-19. If you’re considering snagging a yurt for a weekend away, remember to practice positive social distancing etiquette and leave your yurt in the same–or better–condition than it was when arriving at your destination. If you wish to browse a wide variety of yurt rentals near you, use our Yurt Vacations Page to start planning your summer vacation.