The Pacific Yurt is known as an inspirational structure families can use for almost any purpose. For many households, it means having a place where kids can grow their independence in an imaginative setting, giving them an inspirational place to learn, or holding a backyard camping excursion in a unique structure to cultivate the spirit of the warmer weather and keeping us centered. We’re always excited to discover how our customers are using our yurts, so we want to share a few ways you can transform your backyard yurt into a fun place for kids and parents alike. 

Transform your yurt into an inspirational classroom 

Backyard glamping yurt.

Many of our customers use our yurts as yoga studios, conference rooms, and classrooms because they act as an inspirational place that stimulates learning in a centered environment. Additionally, yurts are versatile structures that are easily adaptable and make for ideal educational settings that minimize distractions. Kids also appreciate how fun they are as a classroom. 

If your household has moved to an at-home learning environment because of school closures or otherwise, a backyard yurt is a perfect place to set up a classroom. You can quickly adapt your circular floor plan to accommodate an inspiring learning environment that will boost academic performance by reorganizing furniture and decorating it like a classroom. You can also use the lattice to display work for art classes or use it to teach subjects like history or anthropology by covering historical events in chronological order that your kids can follow along to in a circular order. Alternatively, kids can use the dome as a part of an astronomy class or they can learn about structural geometry – the possibilities are endless! 

Turn your yurt into a clubhouse of circular fun

Yurts are excellent retreats for kids to grow and explore their imaginations. A backyard yurt is also a great place for children to have an area where they can develop their sense of self in a creative and inspirational environment they can-almost-call their own. If you’re spending more time at home, a backyard yurt might also be the perfect solution when you need to focus on work.

Start by working as a family to curate an exciting play area or clubhouse that encourages independence and fun. Allow your kids to provide direction on what they want their space to look like and follow along. We’ve seen dinosaur-themed yurts, high-end playhouses and other clubhouse ideas that have left us quite impressed. You can also set up a creative area where your kids can make art and a section dedicated to playing with toys or reading. You should also include storable solutions that allow your kids to stay organized and kid-friendly furniture for added fun as well.

Have a backyard camping retreat with Pacific Yurts

Whether or not you’re the creative type, there are plenty of options when it comes to making the outside of your yurt feel like an authentic campground. You can start by setting up campsite boundaries using stakes, sticks, or other natural materials like rocks. Once your area is ready, you can set up a simple fire pit by digging into the ground and placing stones in a circle or purchasing an outdoor steel fire pit from the store. If you want to get even more creative, you can make your very own campground sign and add twinkle lights to your outdoor exterior space. We also recommend adding the following yurt-themed activities for families to your backyard camping adventure:

  • Making a paper doll yurt
  • Playing a Pacific Yurts word puzzle game 
  • Having a family dance party 
  • Hosting a scavenger hunt
  • Setting up backyard games like bocce ball, croquet, badminton or others 

To complete your backyard yurt camping experience, add a few interior decorations. If you want to go the extra mile, make your yurt a glamping destination with outdoor-themed posters of your favorite parks, an indoor camp stove, and other rustic sundries. Bonus points if you spend the evening reading aloud from John Muir’s journals and end the night planning a hike.

Pacific Yurts: building inspirational yurts for families 

Backyard yurts offer a wealth of benefits for families, particularly amid the pandemic. Curious about buying a yurt or have yurt-related questions? Let us know. We’re here for yurt-spiration and realizing your dreams of yurt ownership.