Yurt kitchen partition with simple linesYurts bring an adjustment to lifestyle and quality of living that new yurt owners love. For many, downsizing to a more minimal lifestyle is an important step towards living more in harmony with their values and with nature. Focusing on the necessities and trimming the excess is just part of moving into a yurt. But even after downsizing, some find that they can make their yurt feel even bigger with a few clever home décor ideas. We’d like to share some of those with you.

Before we begin, it’s important to note that decorating small spaces should start with decluttering. For this reason, decluttering is highly recommended as the first step in a move to a yurt. Once the clutter is out of the way, the decorating can commence.

Trick the Eye with Color

yurt bedroom set upColor is a great way to make your yurt feel spacious. For an open feel to the space, light colors are the perfect choice and can complement your home décor. It’s recommended that you use a monochromatic color scheme, (with colors chosen from the same family only in different shades) to create a seamless sense of cohesion in the space. This also makes the space feel bigger. On the flipside, dark colors can enhance the cozy feeling of a space. To create a more cozy space in one part of your yurt, you can use dark colors from floor to ceiling, either on an interior wall or with the use of a curtain.

Let There Be Light

yurt interior decor with solar panel roofFor a sense of space in your yurt, the natural light that pours in from the skylight and the windows is a bonus. But the more you can do with light in your yurt home décor, the more spacious it’s going to feel. Anywhere you can replace your home decor with “see through” equivalents, you should do so. This can be done with clear glass tabletops, transparent Lucite workspaces, and opaque curtains. Another way to play with light is by adding reflective surfaces, such as shiny countertops and strategically placed mirrors. For evening and night times, artificial lights should be used to define the spaces in your yurt. Rather than one overhead light, consider using multiple lamps to illuminate each separate space in the yurt.

Stay Solid with Upholstery and Curtains

Pacific Yurts Office studio yurtSelect solid colors for your home décor and the more neutral, the better. Big, bold patterns can affect the sense of space. However, if you have a patterned piece you love and still want to use it, you can balance it out by having the other colors around it fairly neutral. Also, remember that when decorating small spaces, sheer light-colored fabrics are best for window treatments. When these are used in other places as well, they can help ensure you are making the most of that natural light in the yurt.

Think Carefully About Furniture and the Floor Plan

Making your yurt feel bigger is all about keeping things open. You want to see as much of the floor as possible. Anything blocking the view of open space will make your yurt look and feel smaller. Here are some tips for consideration with furniture and the floor plan of your yurt:

  • Keep big pieces of furniture to a minimum and place them on the interior perimeter of the yurt. (However, if your choice is between a few larger pieces and a bunch of smaller ones, choose the fewer large pieces. One larger statement piece, like a sofa, is better than three smaller seating options.)
  • When decorating small spaces, it’s best to divide the total floor plan into areas for each activity. You can give a sense of these divisions without putting up actual walls by strategically using rugs, furniture arrangement, lighting, curtains, and other subtle room dividers.
  • Note that furniture with exposed legs creates a more of a sense of space than furniture with upholstery that hangs all the way to the floor.
  • Remember that round pieces are ideal for yurts! And, if these double as seating or tables with storage inside, it’s an even bigger win.
  • Before buying a piece of furniture for your yurt, ask for a tear sheet from the store. Tape out the dimensions on the floor and get used to the idea of that space being taken up a while before deciding to buy the item.

For more ideas and inspiration, please visit our online gallery. And, as always, if you have questions about yurt living or about purchasing a yurt, we invite you to give us a call today.

spacious yurt living room set up