Situated in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains, Sky Ridge Yurts in Bryson City, North Carolina is a thriving yurt resort that offers exclusive amenities, destination weddings, and access to many local attractions. Melissa Little has created a successful yurt glamping business as an early adopter of the glamping boom and has been providing a unique getaway for hundreds of guests over the years. We’re sharing a bit of Melissa’s yurt origin story and highlighting the impressive return on investment Sky Ridge Yurts has seen since adding yurts to its short-term rental business.

Introduction to Pacific Yurts

Melissa’s introduction to Pacific Yurts was through her mother who lived in a yurt full time. Impressed by the craftsmanship and ease of assembly of her mother’s yurt, Melissa and her late husband contemplated starting a glamping business but weren’t sure who would manage it. 

After Melissa’s husband passed away, she decided to take the plunge and enter the short-term rental market on her own. She noticed that Pacific Yurt rentals were prevalent out west and wanted to get ahead of the inevitable yurt wave in the east. Starting with three yurt kits, Melissa called in some friends to help with assembly and had all three yurts completed over a three-day weekend. The quick installation turnaround, plus the yurts’ quality craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal convinced even the most skeptical of her friends and neighbors, quickly followed by guests with rave reviews.

Return on Investment for Sky Ridge Yurts

bedroom in pacific yurt

Sky Ridge Yurts now has seven yurts of varying sizes and sees an impressive return on investment year over year. Below, you’ll find the ROI for each of their yurt sizes. Please note that the purchase prices listed do not include the yurt platform, site preparation, and furniture.

We’re also noting a few of the amenities that Sky Ridge provides to inspire business owners who want to start their own glamping business. While their amenities vary by yurt size, all of the Sky Ridge yurts feature full baths, satellite TVs, Wi-Fi, a gas grill, and central heat and air.

Glamping business tip: Premium and/or unique amenities will keep your guests coming back and guarantee glowing reviews. Want more tips? Here’s our guide to starting a successful glamping business.

ROI for Smaller Yurts

pacific yurt sitting at top of a hill next to staircase

With a low-cost entry point and great return, Sky Ridge Yurts’ 20-foot yurts, Cherokee and Tuckaseegee, can accommodate three guests with a queen bed, a twin pull-out bed, and an efficient kitchen.  

  • Purchase price per yurt (including optional features) = $16,795
  • Average Rate = $130/night
  • Occupancy Rate = 84.5%
  • Gross Revenue (per yurt) per Year = $39,952
  • ROI = 137.9%

ROI for Medium Yurts

Perfect for increased space and ease of assembly, Sky Ridge Yurts’ three 24-foot yurts, Nantahala, Santeetlah, and Tsali can sleep four guests in a king bed and a queen pull-out bed.

  • Purchase price per yurt (including optional features) = $23,002
  • Average Rate = $156/night
  • Occupancy Rate = 83.95%
  • Gross Revenue (per yurt) per Year = $47,972
  • ROI = 108.3%

ROI for Large Yurts

pacific yurt in forest setting on a summer day

Open and spacious, Sky Ridge Yurts’ 30-foot Fontana and Junaluska yurts sleep six people comfortably with a king suite, a queen pull-out bed, and two twin pull-out beds. Premium features in these deluxe yurts include a full kitchen and two satellite TVs, perfect for entertaining a large family. 

  • Purchase price per yurt (including optional features) = $28,220
  • Average Rate = $205/night
  • Occupancy Rate = 83.81%
  • Gross Revenue (per yurt) per Year = $62,548
  • ROI = 121.6%

Get Started Adding Yurts To Your Business Today

Glamping is an exciting opportunity for any entrepreneur looking to break into the ecotourism and short-term rental market. To learn more about Pacific Yurts and find answers to your yurt questions, visit our customer support page.

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