With 2020 officially underway, experts across the world have begun to predict another year of innovation, growth, and expansion in every primary industry. While technology, finance, business, and fashion always seem to take the focus of major news outlets and expert spokespeople, the “big four” industries are not the only places where new trends are coming into view. 

In the world of yurts, longtime owners and new builders alike continue to create unique and inspiring interiors that bring new meaning to the phrase “creative living.” From the most luxurious circular structures on the market to the beautiful – yet straightforward – bohemian yurts, here are a few yurt interior design trends to watch in 2020. 

1. The Luxury Masterpiece

While not a new narrative in the world of yurt living, the story of Sharon and Tom Minogue’s yurt home in Patton Bay, Maine is a primary example of modern and exceptional yurt interior design. While maintaining an air of simplicity, the Minogue’s managed to flawlessly connect two separate yurts to make a full-time dwelling that’s complete with a breezeway and a separate rentable basement that’s available on Airbnb

The interior design choices, while simple, are as luxurious as they come. The overall layout is open enough to accommodate up to 16 people. It also includes natural lighting thanks to its full glass windows (a Pacific Yurt specialty) that guarantees their guests never feel too far away from their surrounding property. As a full-time living space, the yurt is also decked out with heat pumps in almost every room, including the open and airy main living area, which offers comfortable chairs, a bookshelf, and a vintage Kuwaiti chest for added luxurious detail. 

pacific yurt in the desert
Photo via Luna Vista Ranch

2. The Creative Desert Lodge 

The Stargazer Yurt at Luna Vista Ranch is a simple, clean, and non-traditional way to escape to the great outdoors while maintaining a few essential comforts of home with added creative desert design choices. Its interior design and Southwestern color palette complements Joshua Tree’s surrounding natural beauty. The yurt includes a dome skylight so visitors can spend the night awestruck while stargazing. With the side cover responding to the colors of the landscape and a few pieces of intentional furniture, this yurt presents itself as the ideal place to disconnect with little distraction while staying creative.  

3. The Urban Bohemian Experience

The 36th Street Urban Yurt is a getaway that combines the flair and vintage bohemian style with the convenience and simplicity hallmarked by urban living. Situated on just over a quarter acre of private garden property in Boise, Idaho, this yurt is a case study for creative yurt interior design. It includes large, exquisitely-patterned rugs, and a row of Tibetan prayer flags adorning the entryway, complete with a small desk and a creaky wooden chair for the emerging writer looking to start their dream novel. With a few modern upgrades (a mini-Keurig and a wood-burning stove), this yurt provides the necessary materials for a quiet weekend away while still giving visitors access to downtown Boise or the famous Buena Vista foothills trail.

4. The Upscale Rustic Retreat dining room inside yurt

The yurts at Savage River Lodge in Maryland are as exquisite as they are simple. They’ve become a shining example of how a little rustic interior design flair can go a long way while including modern amenities that won’t distract you from the natural scenery beyond each door. Their floor plans include full and elegant bathrooms and kitchen areas with heated flooring, so you can escape Maryland’s cold winters if you decide to explore the outdoors and cozy up in a king bed that’s centered underneath the spectacular dome skylight. Besides having luxurious amenities, each yurt offers comfortable sitting areas both inside and outside on the patio. Perhaps the best aspect of each yurt design is the intentional elegant and soft lighting, which allows visitors to relax in the presence of an abundance of natural beauty. 

Pacific Yurt Interior Design Inspirations and Photos

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