We’re always excited to read articles that highlight how our customers are innovating in the yurt rental industry, in print and online. We also appreciate how the 2019 news cycle covered several ways new and seasoned yurt enthusiasts used our circular structures as premier glamping destinations or added them to their luxury resorts as a way to entice new visitors. From high-profile coverage in CNN and Good Morning America to local mentions in the Oregonian, here are a few of our favorite newsworthy pieces that covered Pacific Yurts and adventurous traveling! 

beach at cape lookout state park oregon1. The Oregonian: How Yurts Helped Save Oregon State Parks 

Jamie Hale wrote an incredible article for The Oregonian explaining how our yurts potentially helped save Oregon State Parks. Hale starts by chronicling the initial struggles Parks Director Bob Meinen had in the early 1990s when his department was seeking new revenue streams needed to entice visitors during Western Oregon’s rainy periods. He then writes on how Craig Tutor, a Regional Manager on the North Coast, encountered our yurts at the Oregon State Fair in 1993, which led to their eventual arrival at Cape Lookout State Park. “I looked at that [yurt] and thought, ‘That would do it,'” Tutor said. 

The story continues by explaining the rise of the Pacific Yurt in 1998 when the state parks department added 152 yurts to several campgrounds and highlights how their popularity led to the addition of a phone reservation system. Hale then dedicates a section of his article to Pacific Yurts founder, Alan Bair, who explains his appreciation for the yurt and its increased demand nationally. “We were a forerunner. We were making ‘glamping’ structures before that word had even been coined,” Bair concludes. Read Hale’s full piece online at Oregon Live

Want to hear more? Check out Peak Northwest’s podcast interview with Craig Tutor, How yurts helped save Oregon parks – from the guy who brought them

yurts at treebone resort
Photo via http://www.treebonesresort.com/

2. CNN: Yurts, Domes and Luxury Tents – Next Level Glamping Is Here

CNN’s 2019 article on glamping got plenty of attention from yurt owners who prefer to use their circular structures for outdoor getaways at spectacular travel destinations. The report, written by CNN’s Anna Bahney, profiles a few of the top outdoor destinations offering glamping accommodations onsite. Bahney’s prime locations include the iconic Treebones Resort that’s famous for its breathtaking seaside views of the Pacific Ocean and for having Pacific Yurts that provide some of the best glamping experiences in California. Not limited to yurt-exclusive destinations, Bahney’s adventurous profile also includes snapshots of glamping super-destinations like Domes Charlevoix in Quebec and The Resort at Paws Up in Montana. Read the full article on CNN.com.

rentable yurt on the coast3. The Dyrt: Visit These 8 Oregon Yurts Along the Coast and in the Mountains

As an Oregon-grown company, all of us at Pacific Yurts are familiar with the incredible and diverse terrain Oregon offers outdoor adventurers. In a roundup of Oregon yurts published in The Dyrt Magazine, writer Emily Gallegos highlights a handful of the Beaver State’s most beloved yurt attractions. Ranging from classic Oregon destinations such as Cape Lookout State Park to lesser-known riverside attractions like Fish Creek Campground, this article runs the gamut of their favorite yurt glamping destinations in Oregon. Check out the full article on The Dyrt’s website.

4. The Oregonian: Go ‘Camping’ in a Deluxe Cabin at These 6 Oregon State Parks

In another Oregon-based feature, Jamie Hale of the Oregonian profiles several state parks where deluxe cabins and yurts are available to shelter eager explorers. One of the highlighted destinations, Umpqua Lighthouse State Park, offers what Hale describes as a “deluxe yurt” that features, “All [of] the same amenities [as a deluxe cabin] but [with the ability to] sleep up to seven people with the addition of a second futon.” While the article primarily centers around cabin-style accommodations, Hale points out that the value and similarities found in a yurt are equal to those provided at the cabins. Read the full write-up at OregonLive.

5. Good Morning America: How and Why You Should Go on a Digital Detox Vacation

Becky Worley at Good Morning America wrote about the importance of taking a digital detox that landed her at Treebones Resort. She writes about her glamping experience while vacationing in a luxury Pacific Yurt and the process of disconnecting while away. She goes on to describe the miles of coastline she enjoyed from her deck and owning her time away from modern conveniences while staying in a yurt. The article acts as a fantastic reminder of the value an analog vacation has and how it allows you sojourn in a structure that keeps you peacefully rounded as you disconnect from the digital world. Check out Worley’s full digital detox experience here.

6. Trib Live: Yurts Provide New Camping Experience in an Ancient Wayyurt with patio in the woods

Bob Frye’s October piece in Trib Live offers a more rustic picture of yurt camping that includes a first-person account of his stay in one of our structures as well as a wide range of facts and information about how to stay in a Pacific Yurt. Frye’s insight is witty and realistic, and his yurt experience reminds readers that yurt camping doesn’t always involve romantic coastlines or pristine nature trails. Sometimes, the best of yurt experiences are in the middle of state forests with limited amenities and the quiet trickle of a creek nearby. Read Frye’s account of his yurt camping trip at Trib Live