In a feature titled “Pacific Yurts Celebrates 40+ Anniversary,” writer Ron Johnson details our 40 plus years in the yurt industry by talking with our founder, Alan Bair. They discuss how we started, the versatility of our products, why we are committed to delivering high-quality products, yurt vacations, and much more. 

Here are a few takeaways from our featured piece with SkiTrax Magazine.

yurt-withstanding-snowHow did Pacific Yurts start? 

Bair tells Johnson that his obsession with the yurt started after seeing one in an article in National Geographic. He explains that he was initially caught by the structure’s intrinsic beauty and efficiency, which inspired him to make a yurt of his own.  In 1978, Bair launched Pacific Yurts by offering Oregonians an easy-to-assemble rustic yurt made of marine canvas that later evolved into the NASA-developed reflective insulation and modern designs we know today. 

“I lived in this yurt while working on Oregon reforestation projects in the mid-’70s. When a local news article featured the yurt, calls and letters began to trickle in from people asking for help building their own,” Bair explained. “Suddenly, I found myself in a niche market for simple, affordable structures,” says Bair.

The versatility of Pacific Yurts 

Johnson also covers the ease and versatility of our yurts. He praises our yurts for being adaptable to one’s creative imagination, being sustainable, and ease of assembly. Bair tells Johnson that our design choices have evolved over time and become more modern, but our focus has always been on innovation and making a product made with the best materials that could withstand most elements and provide comfortable glamping vacations

“Since our inception, we have focused solely on the design and production of modern yurts, so our first product was essentially a simple, rustic version of what we produce today,” said Bair. “Over the past four decades, we have upgraded and refined the materials and construction methods that are used, as well as developed new features/options that can be added to the product.”

A few of our favorite yurt-forward glamping getaways in the U.S.

Johnson’s article also traces the rise of Pacific Yurts as glamping lodging after a chance encounter with a State Parks official at the Oregon State Fair. “One thing led to another, and the Oregon State Parks Department ended up installing two small yurts at a coastal location as a pilot program. Based on the popularity of those yurts and tremendous word of mouth, additional yurts were added to the system,” Bair explained. interior-of-yurt

Yurts as lodging solutions in Oregon State Parks have since evolved into luxurious glamping escapes all across North America. Looking for a place to stay on your next glamping outing? Bair also recommends three spectacular yurt getaways to check out on your next glamping vacation: 

SkiTrax: Pacific Yurts Celebrates Anniversary

For 30 years, SkiTrax has served the Nordic skiing and cycling industries by providing premier sports and outdoor recreation coverage to thousands of North American readers. We are absolutely thrilled to be a part of their rich history by participating in an article centered on our company and our founder. 

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