Yurts continue to rise in popularity amongst campers and glampers interested in redefining the traditional camping experience. As it turns out, adventurous campers aren’t the only ones taking an interest in Pacific Yurts. Recently, news and media outlets from around the country are covering our yurts by praising their economic advantages, natural beauty, and their ability to make unique homes. To spread the good news, we rounded up a few of our favorite 2019 articles highlighting our yurts. 

The Willamette Week: Yurts as an Alternative Dwelling

yurt-by-riverIn a unique housing-focused article in the Willamette Week, journalist Elise Herron profiles the wide array of alternative living options in Oregon. With rent rates on the rise, Herron points out that more Oregonians are seeking to live in unique housing to save money and lessen their impact on the environment. 

According to Herron, yurts in Oregon are growing in popularity, large-in-part because of their low start-up cost and their surprising longevity. She also points out that yurts offer a simple, easy-to-assemble housing option for glampers and retirees alike. Herron even mentions the prevalence of Pacific Yurts in Oregon, outlining the history of the company, and our rise in popularity. She writes, “[There are] around 200 Pacific Yurts located in Oregon State Parks,” making our yurts an indelible part of the Oregon camping scene.

For more information on the use of Pacific Yurts as alternative dwellings, as well as additional options for economical living, see Herron’s article in the Willamette Week. 

Recreation Management: Yurts as Alternative Structure Solutions

recreation-management-yurtsRecreation Management’s featured article for the month of February 2019 included an in-depth interview with Pacific Yurts’ very own founder, Alan Bair. Since RM’s purpose is to highlight solutions for the recreation industry, the interview with Bair centers on the various uses a Pacific Yurt offers. In particular, Bair mentions the “diverse clientele” that purchase Pacific Yurts each year and the ways in which they are used for weather protection and lodging for guests. Bair also highlights the structural essentials of our yurts, adding how their shape, building materials, and natural lighting serve to make them excellent housing options for everything from yurt glamping sites to winter ski lodging.

Read the full and compelling interview with Alan Bair on the Recreation Management website.

House Beautiful: The Backyard Guest House that can be Assembled in Under a Day

guesthouse-yurtHouse Beautiful featured Pacific Yurts in their August 2019 story titled “The Backyard Guest House That Can Be Assembled in Under a Day” by Hadley Mendelsohn and Apartment Therapy’s Maxwell Ryan. Their article covers affordable structures homeowners should consider as guest housing that are easy to build. Their prime focus: Backyard yurts.

Mendelsohn and Ryan explain the ease of assembling a yurt along with the benefits of adding one as a solution for private guest lodging. Those advantages include: uncomplicated yurt permitting, charming interiors, and the effortlessness of moving or storing one. They also praise our yurts for being elegant and adaptative by writing, “Pretty much any design scheme can look stylish in a yurt, but they’re particularly well-suited for more pared-down, rustic, and bohemian pieces with a more polished twist,” says Mendelsohn. 

While the assembly process can be done in a day, Mendelsohn and Ryan acknowledge that yurts do require some construction experience­–but we’re here to help! They also recommend paying special attention to yurt placement and offer interior inspirations as well. 

Read the full article covering Pacific Yurts online at House Beautiful

Brit + Co: Pacific Yurts as Vacation Destinations

As a lifestyle publication, Brit + Co reports regularly on top vacation destinations around the world. In one of their hallmark travel-focused lifestyle pieces, Brit + Co. outlinestreebones-resort-yurts “10 unique US wilderness retreats to experience.” High on the list is one of Pacific Yurts’ most famous outposts in Big Sur, California, Treebones Resort. According to Brit + Co., this iconic vacation destination offers glampers a wide selection of Pacific Yurts, each of which affords breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. Visitors from all over the world continue to flock to Big Sur to take in the extensive natural scenery and dive headlong into their first yurt glamping experience. 

See Brit + Co’s article on wilderness retreats for a list of other popular outdoor attractions throughout the country. 

Maine Homes: Pacific Yurts in Maine as Creative, Permanent Dwellings

double-yurtIn Maine Homes’ “Living in the Round” issue, journalist Jesse Ellison captures the unique and heartwarming story of Tom and Sharon Minogue, who built their retirement home in Surry’s Patten Bay with two Pacific Yurts. 

After careful planning and several self-made blueprints, Sharon and Tom constructed a super-dwelling made up of two Pacific Yurts and an elongated center structure that connects the two shelters. Today, the Minogue’s live in their yurt-home permanently. In addition to creating a space for themselves, this couple’s unique home has enough room for 16 family members, as well as a basement area that enables the couple to rent a part of their circular space on Airbnb.



Check out Ellison’s article on the Minogues’ yurts in Maine for more details on their construction process, location, and for exclusive photos of their epic residence. Just don’t forget to gather inspiration for your yurt-centered dream home!