We always appreciate reading stories about how our yurts have changed vacationing. So far, we’ve read articles promoting various yurt destinations visitors can reserve to get away from crowds while taking advantage of nature and how our structures have changed the camping landscape by offering affordable lodging solutions.  From locally trusted Oregon publications  to nationally-known travel thought leaders, here are a few of our favorite media mentions in 2020.

1. The Dyrt – Your Guide to Booking Yurts Near Yosemite National Park 

As one of the largest campground aggregates on the internet, The Dyrt provides resources for eager campers in dwellings of all types. In their latest feature covering glamping near Yosemite, The Dyrt’s outdoor experts highlight a series of incredible Pacific Yurts near one of America’s most famous national parks. Yurt rentals include Yosemite Lakes RV Resort, Yosemite Pines RV Resort, and the Eastern Sierra backcountry yurts. We recommend checking out the Eastern Sierra Pacific Yurts as a winter basecamp for guided off-grid ski or snowboard expeditions and adding the others to your bucket list of must-visit travel destinations.

Check out the full article on The Dyrt’s website.

2. Thrillist – Airbnb’s Most Wishlisted Yurts for Glamping 

Yurt in New York.

During the pandemic, interest in camping and glamping skyrocketed as folks gravitated towards lodging solutions that provided social distancing getaways. Thrillist writer Megan Schaltegger made the best of covering this trend by composing a list that broke down the most sought after yurt glamping destinations on Airbnb. Her article features an impressive selection of yurt rentals globally, including the Urban Yurt, this Yurt in Upstate New York, and other newsworthy Pacific Yurts.

Make sure to read Megan’s full article at Thrillist

3. Recreation Magazine – Flexible Building Solutions

Recreation Management Magazine’s article by Dave Ramont is just another example of the outlet’s commitment to outdoor thought leadership. In a piece titled “Flexible Building Solutions,” he highlights the yurt’s uniqueness while providing insight from our founder, Alan Bair. In addition to sharing how we design and construct our yurts, the article dives into the structures’ history and the extraordinary circumstances that gave rise to Pacific Yurts in 1978. Armed with Bair’s insight and a brief history of the yurt, Dave speculates that the market for nonconventional structures is only just beginning to reach its full potential.

Check out Recreation Management’s must-read article by visiting their website

4. Lebanon Express – Yurts Popular Addition at Linn County Parks

Lebanon Express reporter Mark Ylen outlines the recent yurt boom at many of Linn County, Oregon’s most beloved parks. With helpful insight from Brian Carroll, Linn County’s parks director, the article shares details covering their recent Pacific Yurt additions throughout their park system. As Mark points out, yurts continue to be popular lodging solutions amongst local and state parks visitors, writing, “They are basically full for the season.” Overall, the article offers an insider’s look into Linn County’s yurt rentals while providing readers with information on the structures themselves and how visitors can reserve them successfully. 

Check out the article on the Lebanon Expresswebsite.

5. Country Living – 12 Best Yurt Camping Sites in the U.S. 

Country Living’s Blair Donovan offers a breakdown of the 12 best yurt camping destinations in the U.S., and we’re ecstatic to see so many of our yurts represented. Blair’s list excellently balances prime glamping getaways with exciting backcountry outdoor destinations, including the Treebones Resort (California), Yosemite Pines (California), and Sun Valley (Idaho). In addition to the already famous Pacific Yurts on the list, Donovan also includes a few lesser-known yurt destinations like the Frost Mountain Yurts (Maine) and Sinks Canyon State Park (Wyoming).

Read the full list of best yurt camping sites in the U.S. at Country Living.

6. Screen Rant – 10 Things To Know About Darin Olien

In an August article from Screen Rant, author Layne G. Adams offers a list of fun facts about Darin Olien, who you may know from the Netflix docuseries, Down to Earth with Zac Efron. We want to direct your attention to the listicle’s second fact highlighting Darin’s recent transition to #yurtlife. As it turns out, after Olien’s beautiful LA home was lost in the 2019 wildfires, he reimagined his living situation by moving into a Pacific Yurt, where he now lives happily with his German Shepherd, Chaga. Let’s just say Darin Olien has become one of our favorite Netflix-approved celebrities!Scroll down to the bottom of Screen Rant’s listicle to read the second fact covering Olein’s Pacific Yurt.