The best Mother’s Day gift ideas include time spent with loved ones. If you want to get away for Mother’s Day and go somewhere with all the comforts and amenities of home, we can help you find the best yurt glamping getaway. Several of the best glamping spots to relax and enjoy your time this Mother’s Day feature a yurt from Pacific Yurts. Plus, the sheer variety of yurt getaways guarantee you’ll find something that perfectly suits your needs. 

Why the Best Mother’s Day Gift is A Yurt Getaway

Glamping yurts are found in all climates, near rivers, mountains, and more. They can be homebase for a vacation of exhilarating outdoor activities or a resting place for a tranquil weekend yoga retreat. Whatever you’re interested in this Mother’s Day, Pacific Yurts has you covered. 

Yurts Are Family Friendly

Yurt campgrounds are usually located near an abundance of outdoor activities that will get the whole family excited and involved. Head somewhere warm and spend your days floating on a river or playing at the beach. Or take the opposite route and head to the mountains. Here you can spend the days hiking and biking the trails before returning to a warm and comfortable abode for a cozy night in. Yurts are perfect for the whole family. 

Yurts Allow Pets

Going on a long weekend yurt glamping vacation doesn’t mean leaving your furry friend behind. Most yurts allow pets on the premises. You can take your pet along as you’re exploring the great outdoors and comfortably relax in your yurt getaway at the end of the day. 


Yurts Are Relaxing 

At Pacific Yurts we strive to craft yurts that feel like your home away from home. Go for a relaxing long weekend composed of laying in the sun or try a retreat focused on something you’re interested in. Yoga and meditation retreats based in yurts are on the rise. And, after a relaxing day, if you’re looking for a little more luxury than traditional camping, look no further. Yurts are versatile in size, style, and amenities. Consider a jaw-dropping luxury yurt to make your Mother’s Day weekend all the more special. 

Where to Glamp in a Yurt This Mother’s Day

Now that you’ve decided to go yurt glamping this Mother’s Day, it’s time to pick your destination. The options are endless, but here are a few of our favorites to get you started. 

Yurt Glamping and Wineries

Whether you’re interested in expanding your wine knowledge or are already a wine connoisseur, glamping in a yurt near a winery is a perfect Mother’s Day escape. There are an increasing number of yurts popping up in wineries across the country. Some wineries have gotten even more creative with their spaces. Traditionally, yurts are places for visitors to stay during their vacation, however, some wineries have turned yurts into tasting rooms. Yurts have made a name for themselves at wineries and will make your stay remarkable. 

Yurt Glamping and Yoga Retreats

Due to their circular, wide interior and tendency to be located in nature, yurts make the perfect accommodations for those attending yoga retreats. This Mother’s Day, if you’re seeking a getaway designed to help you better connect with yourself and nature, a yoga retreat might be the winning situation. Conduct your yoga practice and take classes inside yurts with the windows open to let in a fresh breeze or step away from the yurt entirely, moving into nature to complete your practice. At the end of the day, you’ll have a comfortable place to lay your head in a yurt. 

Yurt Glamping and the Outdoors

The beauty of yurts is their ability to connect us with the outdoors without losing the comfort and convenience of home. Things like running water, electricity, and heat are common in most  yurts. If you’re seeking a little time in nature, but aren’t interested in packing a backpack full of camping supplies, glamping in a yurt can be a happy medium. Spend your days outside hiking, rafting, or lounging in the sun then come home to a cozy yurt at the end of the day. 

Their ability to match the needs of many different visitors make yurts the perfect versatile accommodation for your Mother’s Day weekend. Visit us on our website to find your next yurt glamping vacation.

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